FCCJ SPRING 2010 - page 74

I know it is a little early, but anyone plan on applying for FCCJ's spring 2010 program?? If I can get my Nat points up and if I do well in Micro this summer , I will be ready to... Read More

  1. by   JanB0825
    I am excited too. Ive have waited so long for this and now it is here!! I look forward to meeting you Future and Cap.

    I noticed a few of those answers were incorrect. Someone else was also Curious about that in a previous post.

    Has anyone got the exact room number for our test on monday?
  2. by   FutureRNMom
    I can't believe we get tested almost every single Monday! Well at least Valentines Weekend I don't have to worry about a test that following Monday, but my daughter birthday is the week before( SuperBowl Sunday) and it looks like I will be studying most of that weekend
  3. by   JanB0825
    also we dont have a test the monday after spring break!!!
  4. by   FutureRNMom
    We have a test on April 19th we get back from spring break on the 12th so we do get a little break lol
  5. by   RNMee
    I got my flash cards Janobia. The person who sold me the book mailed them out so I have been able to use them! Yay!
  6. by   FutureRNMom
    Just looked on bb 2 classes are open both of them have a syllabus with over 30 pages!!! Yikes!
  7. by   JanB0825
    I also noticed the classes on blackboard! A little intimidating But I guess it is time to buckle down and get started..
  8. by   Future O.R. Nurse
    I am a pre-nursing student and have been following this thread for sometime now. I am also a Surgical Technologist. I am a minority with very good grades and a very high GPA. I applied for and I was accepted into the Diversity Program. I believe I would have made it one way or another, through my own determination and tenacity even if I wasn't accepted into the program. However, I never turn down a helping hand. And I try never to miss an opportunity to help someone else. This program was funded specifically for the "under-represented" in the medical field Whoever donated the money made the choice and the stipulation in how this money was to be used. The criteria are the same as if this program did not exist. There is actually more work involved in participating in this program. Volunteer work, shadowing at the hospitals, extra classes on top of carrying 12 credits. By no means will this be easy and I am definitely competent enough to be successful. I am so disappointed to see so much bitterness, hatred and anger simply because (state your own reason here). someone decided with their own money that this is how they wanted to spend it. Granted the benefits are beyond great. I for one and greatful to be a part of this program. Your anger, hatred and bitterness will only give you a heart attack. Be happy for someone sometime. It does wonders for the mind, heart and soul.
  9. by   KayKy
    I just want to make sure I am studying everything needed for the tests. For medical terminology we need to study chapters 1-3 with emphasis of 2&3. This includes reading our book 1-3, flash cards for 2&3, and exercises for online too right? For dosage calculations, the test covers topics 1&2. Do we need to study anything in our books or is it just topics 1&2 of the independent study?
  10. by   SarahW88
    You need to study chapters 1-4 in the dosage book omiting several items as stated in the independent study. There is also another handout you can print out from the nursing tutor on blackboard. Doing all the exercises in the book really helped me
  11. by   RNMee
    The handouts really help sort through what will be on the test!
  12. by   FutureRNMom
    I have med terms completed I feel confident I will get an A! Dosage calculations is not that bad either! Working on Ch. 3 today hoping I can get an A on that too! Trying to start the semester off good!!
  13. by   Moecato

    i seem to have misplaced my paper, when are the degree audits on monday? I'm in section 12.

    Also, i feel pretty confident on my med. terms and im still ALITTLE nervous about the dosage calculations.... just because im not very good at math. good luck everyone! I saw the syllabi for our classes today... just LOOKING at it made me feel overwhelmed!