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I know it is a little early, but anyone plan on applying for FCCJ's spring 2010 program?? If I can get my Nat points up and if I do well in Micro this summer , I will be ready to... Read More

  1. by   Moecato
    LOL, I'm glad to see I'm not the only one who doent understand the vaccinations. Hopefully the Dr will be able to decipher it? and i do NOT want to know how much this is gonna cost me...

    by the way, my name is Maureen, i applied with a 201.somethin!! congrats to everyone and i cant wait to meet you all at orientation! we should all wear nametags with our allnurses.com usernames on them, LOL!
  2. by   jkvanso
    Does anyone know how to "sign up" for these threads? They use to come to my email box but they no longer do??? Thanks and congrats to all so far!
  3. by   FutureRNMom
    I am still floating on cloud 9 right now:tinkbll:

    I have ordered my background check and paid for my fingerprinting, I have question do we have to wait a certain day to do the drug screen? I don't see in the packet where it says we have to wait until a certain date (like the physical and ppd test) before we can do it! Anyways good luck to everyone! To the ones that are still waiting keep your fingers crossed! Today may be the day you receive something in the mail! I know a couple of people in county that had around 195 and still haven't received an email or packet!!!
  4. by   FLmomof5
    Quote from jkvanso
    FLmomof5- REALLY?? People don't accept their seats? Unimaginable! LOL Did that happen for the fall term? And how far in the program before you begin clinicals???
    Summer started May 4,09.....orientation for clinicals was Jun 27th.

    During our NS orientation, I overheard 2 or 3 people in conversation about not having much time to get everything done since they were replacements for those that did not accept their seats. Not really sure how many didn't take it.
  5. by   tnbutterfly
    Quote from jkvanso
    Does anyone know how to "sign up" for these threads? They use to come to my email box but they no longer do??? Thanks and congrats to all so far!

    If you are not receiving email notifications of threads you have posted in, you can send a message to the Admins in the Admin Help Desk and they will be glad to help you.
  6. by   Jenjt83
    1wayst: I *think* I had 195.7, I'm not positive, but I think that's what my score was...I hope you get it
  7. by   casperostrich
    OK people we have a problem! I just went to two places to try and get my seasonal flu shot, which I always elect not to get, and they say everyone is out!! Now what do we do if we haven't had it already?! If anyone finds a place that has it and is giving it, could you please post it here with days, times, and locations? Thanks, CW.
  8. by   FLmomof5
    Call Walgreens. I got my shot there on southside near old baymeadows.
  9. by   klkkitty
    I went to the 'minute clinic' at CVS pharmacy at Touchton and Southside today. It was $30 and took about 15 minutes to get it done. I am trying to complete the fingerprinting portion and am having troubles with finding the website (http://fscjstudent.sofn.net). My computer is giving the option to use the same type of website but instead of FSCJ it is FCCJ. Has anyone else had problems and do you think using the FCCJ page would be okay?
  10. by   KayKy
    I just called the number for questions about the physical exam. Wow, I got an earful lol but basically if you don't have a doctor you can use a walk in clinic and they also don't want shot records. What they want is titers which is blood work which can also be done by the clinic. From what I gathered everything involving the exam, immunizations and flu shots etc can be done at the walk in clinic.
  11. by   FirmlyAnchored
    I just stopped by the Nursing office - North campus. Not all the letters have gone out yet. Congrats for those that are in and fingers crossed for all others.
  12. by   casperostrich
    Whew! I'm good. My husband works at Orange Park and called the Company Care there for employees. I got the seasonal flu shot there for $15. So I am not in a tizzy anymore! I got into my doctor's office today and got all my titers drawn and got the Tdap booster since I haven't had the Pertussis in a LONG time! LOL So I have a shot in each arm with a blood draw poke in the left as well. Can you say pin cushion!! Got my passport photo and have my PPD scheduled for the 23rd and physical on the 24th. Titers should be back by then for sure. So I am pretty near being done. Have to get moving on the background check, etc. though. Hope I don't become sick from these shots!!! I called Worksource as well but have to wait to hear back from them. Good Luck to everyone jumping threw these hoops!
  13. by   timbletack
    I went and got my drug test today, and you can get flu shots there, thats what I did while I was getting the drug test done also. The flu shot was $25. I called and you can do parts A,B,C for the background/fingerprinting/drugtest at any time before the deadline. I also talked to the people in the Nursing office and make sure you don't get any of the vaccines before Nov.20 (she stressed to me about that) except for the flu shot, and the tetanus within the last 10 years. Hope that helps. By the way, my name is Christina.