discouraged and ready to walk away....

  1. i have been a lpn for 2 years now. i waited for my kids to finish school and decided it was "my time". all i have encountered has been the same.....long hours, when you do have a day off they call non-stop, the pay is terrible, the cnas are as tired as i am and are expected to take care of too many patients, admin. is not supportive. i have been to 5 different nursing homes/hospitals, so it does not matter, all are the same. is this what nursing is??? i am ready to bail, i can't take this anymore. i wanted to care for people and take the time to do so. i hate to admit it, but i won't ask each resident how they are doing. if i do, i will get behind. how awful is that? i come home (i work nights) and fall into bed, and wake up tired and have to go back and stay on my feet for another 12 hours. i just want to get somewhere and STAY. i have never been so frustrated.
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  3. by   Tweety
    You definately sound burned out completely.

    Good luck in finding something that suits you. Obviously hospital/LTC isn't for you since you've had five jobs and haven't felt better about it.
  4. by   traumaRUs
    Hi and welcome. I definitely think you haven't found your niche yet. Don't give up just yet. What area did you like in school? What are your strengths? Great organizational ability, handle emergencies calmly, very compassionate and enjoy taking time with patients/families?

    Home care comes to mind...hospice...emergency dept?
  5. by   1st edition
    Have u considered home care? It is a MUCH slower pace. Don't give up on nsg yet! Are u able to return to school? RN's seem to have more career options.
  6. by   pyrolady
    Try home care....if you continue to work in the hospital take your phone off the hook or get an answering machine on days off. Learn to say NO - I know this because I used to tell my nurses who work for me (I was a hospital manager) that the hospital will work you until you fall apart and burn out. If I call you, I expect you to tell me NO - my duty was to call, not to make you work 'til you drop. (stay away from HCA facilities....).
  7. by   Justhere
    I was in your shoes several years back. First I went to work at a mental health day treatment. Which I enjoyed for 3 1/2 years, until our boss went from being a good one to being a pain in the butt. (He was having alot of personnal issues that he didn't leave at home). Then I went to home health doing private duty for a little boy on a vent. Loved it, fell in love with him and his family. Get out of LTC and try some other jobs.