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hello everyone. im a filipino nurse currently working in the uk for over 7 years now. im thinking of moving to south california (l.a., orange county, riverside) or clearwater florida for a better... Read More

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    thanks for your response busylady61, you're busy yet managed to give me the for understanding

    You are welcome!

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    Texas can be VERY hot in the summer. VERY,VERY Hot! It is a very conservative state. I think of my self a "conservative liberal' and I loved Texas.

    Good Luck.[/quote]

    many thanks for your reply, i like to work somewhere warmer and light compared to england but dont want the extreme opposite. a moderate climate would do, i know heres loads hence i just narrowed my choices downto just florida or california. thanks a lot anyway

    Well Florida can get as hot or hotter than Texas. I've lived there too!

    Good luck to you on your search!
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    Well Florida can get as hot or hotter than Texas. I've lived there too!

    Good luck to you on your search!
    Just steer clear of West Texas....hotter than...well you know!
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    thanks to those who posted replies...Im sure many will find it helpful. It is hard to search thru old posts sometimes....Ive spent hours doing it before Thanks for taking the time to contribute positively to the thread! Tampa is an area I would consider...I love FL and would like to stay here but the cost of living is kind of outrageous. I hate cold weather though and I love being where it never really gets cold and withing driving distance to the beach. Im not sure of anywhere else I would want to live...

    Somewhere where the cost of living isnt ridiculous like it is here, and it is warm weather most of the year (low humidity would be even better)....that would be a dream come true!
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    Something to consider if you plan on staying in FL and buying a home is that even if you can afford the mortgage, the insurance and taxes are outrageous. If you choose to live in a coastal area (and really, that's the whole benefit of living in FL) it may be difficult to even find a company willing to insure the house. I've grown up in FL and love the beach and wonderful climate, but sometimes it's very frustrating knowing that I could afford a mansion in another state and pay considerably less in taxes.

    I'm not a nurse yet so can't comment on salary, but in general pay is low compared to cost of living. To give you an idea of some of my expenses:

    mortgage - $1200/mo. (modest townhouse, but 10 minutes from the beach in desirable area). Renting a large house would probably be around $1600 if not more, depending on area.
    homeowners taxes and insurance - about $6000 annually, and climbing
    gas - $100/mo (if you live in a metro area, expect to spend a lot of time commuting even if the distance isn't that great)
    electricity - average $100, but I know others who spend $150-200 during hot summer months
    food - I try to cook and bring lunches, so maybe $200/mo on groceries for 2, plus eating out
    entertainment - this will vary wildly depending on location and your interests.

    Florida is a large state though, so there can be a big difference if you go small town versus big city. It's certainly a beautiful and diverse area but if you're looking for the most bang for your buck there are certainly other places to consider.