Broward College applicants for Fall 2009 - page 13

Did anyone already turn in there applications for Fall 2009 @ B.C.? because I am turning mine in next week before the deadline and now I have to wait AGAIN and keep continually looking at my e-mail... Read More

  1. by   GabbsRN
    I don't know what "Accepted into Limited Access Program" means. However, a friend of mine who had 10 pts also received the same message. Mine just says "accepted".
  2. by   GabbsRN
    My degree audit still has an N next to Program admit status. Did anyone else's change?
  3. by   RNnow2016
    I'm still waiting for my status to change.
  4. by   nursingstudentfall09
    im still waiting also, i have a feeling i did not get in,
  5. by   RN2BKD
    Im so excited for everyone...I have to wait until August to apply for Winter program...I still have 1 class to finish
  6. by   RNnow2016
    I believe that they sending out all of the high points, like 12 points, out first then going down the list to the lower points. Because people with 10 points are still waiting but the people who had 12 are in now and they just started the processing the acceptances.

    I'm not giving up that easy.There is still HOPE b/c I am still alive.
    THERE IS NO FEAR HERE! 2 Timothy 1:7
  7. by   RN2BKD
    Faith8_88, I love ur postive attitude.
  8. by   RN2BFawnie
    Yeah you guys that are still waiting keep a positive attitude! Even if you don't get notified with this round of acceptance, you may even get a denial, there is still a GREAT chance that you will get in as an alternate. People defer a lot or chose to go to other schools/programs. Speak positivity like Faith8_88!
  9. by   ohmylove
    Hey all, I got accepted !! However, they took so long that my apartment told me if I didn't renew my lease last wednesday i'd lose my apartment in orlando! I got accepted to the Seminole Nursing Program( the one I wanted to get into ) in orlando and I already reserved my seat in their nursing program, so I'll have to call Broward college to tell them that i'm not going and to allow someone else to take my seat?
  10. by   nursingstudentfall09
    im losing hope, but u guys are right, ill try to keep positive, i have not received a denial, so ill keep positive for now, lol. thanks for the motivating words, hope we can all be there for each other like this when we get into the program.
  11. by   dizzyray822
    Hey Guys!! I GOT IN!! email but my status changed to "Accepted." OMG...i am so excited and nervous and WOW. Wooohooo!
  12. by   dizzyray822 you guys know what orientation is like and how long it is? What all do they go over?
  13. by   GabbsRN
    Hey all those accepted so far..........

    If you look at your degree audit, does the Program Admit Status still say N for you?? Mine does, and I didn't know if that meant anything even though my application status says Accepted.