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Hi, Is there anyone out there who has experience working for this hospital? I'm considering whether or not to apply for scholarship with them, but of course they want the work commitment for it. ... Read More

  1. by   BeachNurse
    I heard that Baptist does not pay any diff for weekends or holidays. True or rumor??
  2. by   bogeydog
    Unless the nurse recruiter at Baptist was fibbing, what you heard was a rumor. She told me I would get extra for evenings and even more for weekends and if you work evenings on weekends you would get both shift differentials.

    She also told me that by the time I graduate (11/05) there would be at least another pay increase.

    Hope this helps
    Quote from BeachNurse
    I heard that Baptist does not pay any diff for weekends or holidays. True or rumor??
  3. by   CLLRN
    I have also talked to the recruiter there, and was told that there is a $5/hr weekend differential. Also, Memorial Hospital Jacksonville offers a $6/hr weekend differential. Hope this helps.

    PS--Glad to hear that there will be AT LEAST one more pay raise by then!
  4. by   CLLRN
    Well, you asked me to keep you updated on licensure: exactly one month to the day, I received a temporary FL license today that is good through November ( I wonder if it will take that long for my actual license) and a letter that states they are just waiting on FBI fingerprint check to come back. It has gone smoother that what everyone led me to believe--that's why I applied so early. After all, I am not moving to FL until early next year. Maybe I was just lucky??? Oh well, better to err on the side of caution.
  5. by   bogeydog

    let us know what hospital you go with. I don't know if your interested or even if it is still available but last month I found a nursing positon open with the VA for their outpatient clinic located in St. Augustine. I think you needed two years expereince.
  6. by   CLLRN
    I have 7yrs experience, but I am really hoping to work for Baptist South, as it is very close to where I am building my home. I have also heard good things about Baptist. But thanks for passing the info. on.

  7. by   CLLRN
    I recieved my FL license on Aug. 25th! Less than 2 months after applying. Hope this helps others who are planning a move on how long it will take. I ended up applying way too early b/c I feared the worst--now I have to keep up CEUs several extra months (Illinois does not require CEUs), since I'm not moving until early next year. Good luck to you all.

    Bogeydog-- any update on when Baptist South is expected to open? Delays?
  8. by   GDeppe
    My dh is an electrician on the Baptist South job and he said they are planning on Nov 15. But you know how things sometimes get postponed. Why don't you call the hospital and tell them you are interested working there. I'm sure they will have it staffed before then. Good luck.
  9. by   CLLRN
    I would like to call them and express my interest in working there, but my home will not be completed until May next year (They are just getting started). I would like to come down sooner and start working there, but the only way I could do that is as a travel assignment, which I would like to do. I'm not sure if they will be using any travel nurses. How soon do you think is too soon to contact the nurse recruiter re: working there, given my situation?
  10. by   GDeppe
    You never know, they may have somewhere for you now. I would call them and explain your situation. Asked them when you should put an application in or whatever. It sure wouldn't hurt...
  11. by   Elbajista
    What are the starting pay rates now, 5 years later?
  12. by   KateRN1
    We took my MIL there last month. No way would I take a dog to that hospital, let alone work there, no matter what they offered to pay me. Be very careful if considering BMC downtown.