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Just wanting to connect & be/get encouragement from other hopefuls who are applying to the program. Anyway, who's up for stalking the mailman with me?... Read More

  1. by   Jen-G
    It is definetly tough waiting for these letters. I'm just looking forward to finding out one way or another so I can make plans for next year.
  2. by   Jen-G
    So in the interest of keeping conversation going (and so I have something to read while I'm checking this everday to see if anyone got their letter) how about we all share a little about ourselves (basic stuff- i'm not asking for SSN #s or life stories jk ) what do you think the hardest part of being in nursing school will be?

    I'm Jen, 24, married, mother of one. We have 3 dogs & 1 cat.
    I think the hardest part of school will be being away from my son. He's 13 months old and I've been working from home & finishing my AA online so I can be home with him. It will be tough to leave him but I'm really glad my husband will be home one day to watch him and my sister will be watching him the other two days so no daycare
  3. by   dlf0304
    I'm 43 divorced with a 13 yr old daughter. I started school in jan 2011 due to a laid off. I have since lost my home so we will be moving in with relatives this month. Luckily I have a wonderful and supportive family. I want to be in this program so much so that I can start a career in something I've always wanted to do. Also so I can be back on my feet and show my daughter how important education is. The hardest part about this program is going to be having to work when u know u have so much studying to do. Not having enough hours in the day will be tough, but we will do it!!!!!
  4. by   RoseyF0428
    Ok so I just called admissions at the West Campus. She said that the letters have not went out yet BUT she said we HAD to have them by October 15th because that would be a month from the due date. She said we HAVE to have them by the 15th- school policy. SOOO!!! Its almost here!!
  5. by   Conquestadorf
    Today is a no mail day so there is no mailman to stalk! Its Columbus Day!
  6. by   Conquestadorf
    A little about me, Im 58 years old, single hispanic male, black hair ,brown eyes, 6'2", I like long walks on the beach, fine dinning, I play ping pong, soccer,baseball. A good personality, a little on the heavy side but i'm working on that. I also like crossword puzzles, I like to crochet; I'm looking for s/w/f someone between 19-45, I prefer blondes. Height weight proportionate. I prefer someone who likes dogs and doesn't smoke. Thank you.
  7. by   Conquestadorf
    I just called west campus admissions and they said the letters will go out middle or end of this week.
  8. by   RoseyF0428
    Are any potential RN students going to take an LPN seat if they are chosen as an alternate?
  9. by   dlf0304
    @ Rosey....absolutely!!!!
  10. by   RoseyF0428
    So there are 46 or 48 seats? Lets say 150 applied that leaves 92 denied. okay I got a 74 and im just applying for the lpn because im taking my last pre req now and just want to get started and i scored really low on my teas. Sucks but I dont want to go to Rasmussen and pay 50,000 for an RN degree that you need a 65 on the teas to get automatically accepted!!! BS!!!
  11. by   dlf0304
    Well the other reason not to go to Rasmussen is cuz the credits won't transfer to a BSN just in case u want to further ur education. I know someone last time around that got into the LPN with a score of 68%, don't stress out:-)
  12. by   William87
    74 isn't as bad as you think, mid 70s is common. When I took it it said a 76% put me in the 82nd percentile.
  13. by   William87
    And from what I've read Teas V is much much harder than earlier versions. I read on average there was about a 10% drop in scores compared to earlier versions. Second hand info but that's what I've read.