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Florida BON NCLEX Results


Was just wondering if the Florida BON posts NCLEX test results on the weekends? I took the exam on Friday, June 26th and it still says, "waiting for score." Also, when I click, "waiting for score," it has my examination date of 7/8/2020. I find this very strange. I did however get the "good pop-up" and I have tried that trick a few times now.

I also took the exam June 26th. Got the good pop up. It still says waiting for score on Florida BON for me.

Going to be a torturous weekend. Have you clicked on the “waiting for results?” Mine says my exam date is 7/8/2020. Not sure what that means because I took it yesterday.

Thats weird. When I click on that mine has the correct exam date for 6/26/20. We should receive the quick results tomorrow! Definitely anxious

Very weird. I’m getting anxious over the weird date thing. But I did get the good pop up and I did it numerous times yesterday and today.

I wouldn't stress about that because it seems like their mistake. Nothing to do with your good pop up! Same LOL ! I keep checking FBON to see if my license has posted since some people say they post it before the quick results

Same! I need to find something else to do. Haha! I’m not celebrating until I see that I passed. Most people said that they got their results from BON before quick results, but not sure if that was on a weekend or not. What time did you take your test? Mine says 1:45, so it may be 24 hours afterwards. Someone else said that in another forum, but my friend just took her back in May and got her results the next morning by 10:30, but it wasn’t a weekend

I took mine at 8 AM and finished around 9:45. Still nothing so far😫

Oh man. We’re probably going to have to wait until Monday for the BON, but quick results should be up tomorrow at some point

22 minutes ago, nursetaylorrr said:

Ugh praying for us!

Let me know if you get your results before Monday on the BON site

Will do! It will probably be Monday for the FBON, but we should be able to do the quick results from Pearson tomorrow.

My quick results became available at 9 AM. I PASSED! A weight has seriously been lifted off my shoulders.