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Every once in a while I have terrible flank pain and trouble with urination (retention-where i have ended up with a F/C for several days) . I have seen 2 MDs regarding this and they have basically blew me off. They did an IVP and CT scans but since they don't see anything they don't believe me. I am so sick of this...Any suggestions?


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See a urologist.


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i have seen 2 urologists


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I had lower back pain 2-3 weeks ago and went to the ER thinking I injured my back at work the day before. As it turned out I was passing kidney stones.

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Have they suggested a cystoscopy? That should be your next stop.

Good luck.......................................sounds like a kidney stone is blocking a ureter. Remember that the stone may just be the size of a small piece of sand or gravel.

Good luck.................. :balloons:


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thanks...i am going to see another doctor about all of this...i want someone who will listen to me and not blow me off...they just keep giving me pain meds but i don't like taking them (can't function very well with them) i want an answer, etc not pain meds.....ya know? the pyridium seems to help with the bladder spasms at least.....

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Have you tried cranberry tablets? If you are having bladder spasms they just might help

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