im in!!

i am starting the rn-bsn program this fall at fiu!! i am so so happy!

i always wanted a bachelor's degree from a university and here i am on my way to get it!!

i struggled a lot to get here-- lots of dissapointments with not getting in to mdc-- but i didn't give up and now i am in a great place in my life, and can't wait to start school again.:yeah:


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congrats bumblebee, how much is the program? what were the requirements?


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Congrats!!!!!!!!!!!! I have ben reading a lot of your posts. You are an inspiration! :yeah::bowingpur:balloons:*wine:nurse:

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congrats bumblebee, how much is the program? what were the requirements?

The program is 127 credits-- including your AA from the community college plus your AS from the RN nursing program.

then you have to take the RN-BSN program courses which is about 36 credits.

For each credit it costs $109

so it's gonna cost me, about $4-5K per entire program--- not including books or special fees.

When I met this nurse during my last semester of nursing school, she was attending Jacksonville university online.... which costs a fortune. Plus she was paying for KEISER program as well--- and I said "why did you not go to FIU". and she said that FIU was giving her the runaround and it was very difficult to get in there...

but honest-- I thought I was gonna go thru the same thing because my grades are less than stellar.

so I just did everything that the website said to do.

put in an application to the university.

then put in an application to the school of nursing RN-BSN:

  • application
  • essay on future career goals
  • resume
  • HS and any previous school transcripts
  • copy of FL RN license

And then two weeks later I called, and went on an interview where I was approved to enter the program 2 days later.

I am very happy I did it the way I did it, because now I do not have to pay for loans and all the money I make as an RN is mine and not going to loans!!:yeah:


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:heartbeati am already signed up for classes, and they start next week.

i've taken online classes before at nova, but at fiu the site seems less user friendly than nova's.

i signed up for 2 classes, ---- i have my classes planned out already, so i should graduate in the summer of 2010 god willing if all goes well.

i am very happy-- a little nervous, but i figure starting small and if i do well, i will take more classes per semester.

i think that at the end i will feel proud of myself:rolleyes:

good luck to everyone else starting school or is in school already!!:specs:


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Good luck and Congratulations!

You are very deserving of all the best there is.



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WOW!!! Rock on BumpleBee. Good luck and best of wishes for you.

I'm thinking of applying to FIU's RN-BSN program soon after graduating from MDC. I might have to hit you up for some advice about the program.

Good luck...I am sure you will do awesome. If there is anyway I can help...feel free to ask.


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I went to FIU today to buy my book for the class, there is another book that I had left over from my short stay at Nova--- so I will use that.

I am a very traditional person, and I love a classrom class--- but my only choice is FIU since everything else we have here in MIA is private schools. (and I DO NOT want to ever ever step a foot in MDC ever again!)

I got my book, my student ID that I need to check out books at the library and for other FIU online resourses.

The program does not seem that bad, I kind of wish that I had started in jan, so I would of been at least with some credits-- but hey it's never too late to start school.


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Bumblebee, is this purely online, or all on campus curriculum?


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CONGRATS!!! That is an amazing accomplishment!!! :up::bow:

I will be looking for an RN-BSN transitional program sometime in the future (just started my RN program @ MDC) one thing at a time!!!

But is very refreshing and motivating to see people like you posting about your succesful embarkment of the RN-BSN journey..

Again congrats!!! :D

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well, i just finished my first semester, and i am so happy and proud that i did very well. i got an a- in one class, and an a in the other class. (way better than all the c's i got in rn school! lol)

now next year, i plan to take the ec tests--- i finally got the info packet and i am nervous because the tests are in the same place where i took the nclex-rn exam!!!

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