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I was just curious as to some of your stories about your first year as a nursing student... Good and bad stories... All nurses are not hateful to students are they???? I sure hope not.... Also, if anyone knows of any other good links to nursing sites that would be useful and interesting to a starting student please share...

Have a great day.. :cool:


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Originally posted by nurs2b

All nurses are not hateful to students are they???? I sure hope not....

Definitely NOT. I've had my one horror story troll nurse, but every single other one has been very helpful, if not outright nice. They really do appreciate the extra help, even if they have to explain a little more to you than they would have to if you were already a nurse. And almost all of them remember the time they were in school, and act accordingly.

It is also very cool to see your skills develop before your eyes. I feel like I'm getting more proficient with every clinical experience. :)


jschut, BSN, RN

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Nurses always being awful? No way! I am still on my first clinical rotation, but evrey single nurse has been wonderful! We can follow them around if we choose to, and watch everything they are doing! I love it!

And, another site I have found which is helpful to me is (and I may not have said that correctly, but that's the idea of it, you'll get there with that anyway.)

Best of Luck to you!



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Rather than do a copy paste at this moment, are you looking for a specific site???

You can do a search for Student Nursing at:

and get LOTS of really good sites from that.

Give er a rip!


Nurs2b, In January I will have gone through 1 year of a BSN program. I have had good days and bad days. I cried, I laughed, I was depressed, and now I am happy. I had a shaky start personally. This is my personal story. Not everyone have a shaky start in nursing school. Some make 4.0's all throught nursing school but that is NOT the most important thing as I have come to learn. My first semester which was back in Spring 2001, I was failing patho. I got a note from the dean at mid-semester saying that if I did not pass patho I would get the boot and I would not continue. Well after that note I got so motivated that I started studying my rear end off. I ended up with a B in Patho after a mid-term grade of an F. It was not because I was not smart because i am very smart. It was because I was going through a lot of things, I did not put enough effort into it and I had a health condition that is easily curable. My iron levels get really low to where I am anemic but if I take my Iron pills like a GOOD girl then I am fine instead of wanting to sleep all the time.

Now this semester I am doing really, really good have not received any F's or anything lower than a B so far. I am with it because now I have wonderful organization skills, I study hard and I take my Iron along with taking care of myself. Before I would always neglect myself, I would not take out the time for myself and it was really hurting me.

I have had a rough clinical start this semester but it has gotten much, much better because My clinical group is proving that we are really dedicated and serious students. The first week of my clinical I had the worst nurse ever she was a total witch but last week I had this nurse he was really nice and even though he was busy he attempted to take the time out to help me out. I never seen a male nurse in action until I met him and he deserves an award for being the top nurse for a nursing student if their is such an award. I will give all the nurses a thank you note at the end of the semester on that unit even to the mean ones. I feel that if nursing students show appreciation to the nurses no matter how mean they are maybe the mean one's will wake up.

The good nurses outweigh the mean ones even though at times it may not seem like it. Sometimes you need to assess what is going on that day, did something happen, is something about to happen at the hospital. Sometimes even the good nurses have bad days but Most really do care.

Nursing school has given me challenges I never thought I can meet as a single mother to an extremely active daughter who is almost 4 but I am proving myself wrong each and every day. It takes determination and motivation. If you tell yourself I can't do this, I can't do that, I am going to fail more than likely you will because you are setting yourself up for failure. However, If you tell yourself I am not sure how to do this but I can learn and I will give it my all and I am going to succeed or at least come close to, and if I don't succeed the first time I will keep trying until I do then you are setting yourself up for success.

Find those in your class who are serious students who want to learn and not try to slack off and slide on by the easy way. Stay away from those who are not serious, who want to slide on by, and who wants to learn off other people instead of pitching in. Students who are not serious will get you into trouble.

Here are some more websites:

1.Pharmacology Math-Drug calculations

2. student nurse resources

3.snurse links for students

Take care and good luck


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Not every where you go are you going to run into troll nurses. Some are very nice and helpful and others just stay out of your way and answer questions that you may have. Still again there are a few that are real @#$%#$. IF you have a problem with them let your instructor know and they can help you out. Just remember you will have to deal with this person again if you are at the same clinical site. Just remember things that go around come around. You will do alright.



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I have a wonderful story that happened to me in my first clinical rotation on a vascular surgery floor. Being the first semester nursing student, I didn't have a clue how to do anything but assessments and vitals, and one morning I was visiting with my patients while a young, good looking doctor came in the room and introduced himself and told my patient that he was going to put her central line in. He then immediately acknowledged me and smiled. When I asked if I could watch him, he replied "watch??? You can totally help me!" I was like "No way, I don't know how and my teacher will KILL me." He just laughed and got started while I held the patient's hand and talked to her. That's all I did and he said, "see you can help." He was so empathetic with me in that he knew I was new and didn't know anything, but still wanted me there. Then, when he finished, he said, "thank you, Stacie." I'll never forget that good looking doc that said thank you to a nursing student! :cool:

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My first year of nursing school was challenging but fun. I learned a lot!! I was terrified every time we had to do check offs, but I studied hard and got through it. I was also very scared the first time I had to go into a hospital and take care of patients. However, I found that most of the nurses were very helpful and willing to teach you. Every once in a while I have ran into a snotty, rude, nonhelpful nurse, but for the most part they have been great. My advice to anyone in first year nursing would be to STUDY!! STUDY!! STUDY!! Godd luck and hang in there you can do it.

Bev _ : )

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