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I'm just wondering if anyone else has or has had this problem, and can give me any advice! I'm young (22) and look ever younger (people tell me I'll appreciate it later). I'm an RN, and I get a... Read More

  1. by   CardiacNurseLisa
    My favorite is when i walk into the room (im 23 but apparently I've been told i look like Im 12 =p) oh hunny could you please get the nurse for me, after ive already introduced my self earlier in the day as being their nurse.
    But i usually just laugh it off and say well i am your nurse.
    For the most part people usually feel pretty good about having me as their nurse if i was able to get my act together and gradute nursing school and pass my RN board by 22.
  2. by   slmnewrn07
    I am 21, and i get the same responses. I am often mistaken for the nursing assistant. I mostly get positive comments, saying that its a accomplishment to have acquired so much so young.
  3. by   RN prn
    I know a lot of people have responded already, but I have encountered the same situation many times. Although, I am 23 and I am in nursing school currently. Some of the patients ask me if I am able to care for them and if I just graduated high school. I feel as if they may think that I am immature because some younger adults may not use the best judgment. Sometimes I feel I have to compensate for my age and explain that this is a 2nd Bachelor's degree. When they make a comment about my age, I have been laughing with them (hopefully this gives off some warmth) and then I stand confidently when providing the care for the patient and/or family. I am at somewhat of an advantage though, still being in nursing school because I am working alongside the nurse who most of the times also introduces me. I wonder how this will affect me when I am finished nursing school this May and begin my career.

    As for my thoughts for any of the 20-somethings, I would just smile and be confident in yourself and your abilities. You have your degree and the skills to care for the clients. Take it as a compliment. One day we may miss being in our early 20's.
  4. by   babiesRmylife
    I get some of the same responses from people. Especially, when I worked as a nurse tech. I just say thank you for the compliment & maintain my confidence in what I know. I know some families have even asked how long I've been a nurse. Considering I am still new to this, I just tell them. I figure I'm off orientation for a reason & they kept me around because I'm obviously good at what I do. They did hire me because they felt confident that I must have some knowledge in what I did or wanted to do.
  5. by   xviii-xxv
    well id say take it as a compliment.. u know how people work just to make themselves look younger even by two years.. so accept it and u know look at the positive side.ure young youre fresh and uve got soo much to show.
  6. by   twarlik
    I love this discussion! This has been happening to me since I first went into nursing. My favorite was when a patient asked me if I "worked at the hospital after school as a part time job"! She thought I was still in high school!

    As others have commented, I try to appreciate that fact that at 31 I can still pass for a high school student!
  7. by   locolorenzo22
    At 27, and a guy....I get a lot of different responses...but mine is the opposite...usually I get that I look like I'm 43.....YIKES! then, I also hear from patients when they're on the phone..."Oh, I've got to go the DOCTOR's here to get my blood pressure....." No matter that when was the last time you saw a doc get his own BP?'s just funny what some patients tell us....I also was told once by a 102 yo lady that I should come home with her cause I was so gentle...LOL
  8. by   BethBSN
    Oh my gosh! I feel your pain, I hear that so much too.

    Quote from MelBel
    I'm just wondering if anyone else has or has had this problem, and can give me any advice!

    I'm young (22) and look ever younger (people tell me I'll appreciate it later). I'm an RN, and I get a mix of emotions from patients and their families when I tell them that. At LEAST once a week I get asked how old I am. Last week, I walked into a room, and the patient's family said "Oh!! The aide!!!", and I said "Well, no, actually, I am the nurse."

    I've had a couple of families look terrified that I will be caring for their loved one, while others congratulate me on becoming an RN so young (I didn't think I was THAT young!).

    I always go in and stand tall and feel I have good communication skills, but my young looks hold me back a lot.

    Any suggestions, or witty responses when I get asked for the 4th time in a row how old I am?
  9. by   Wsmith16
    Story of my life. I am not a nurse yet--but I'm starting med-surg clinical this week & I know I will encounter this on the unit. I am 33 but look like I am 20. But you know what it use to bug me when I got carded for buying lotto. But since I've reached my 30's I don't care. As you get older you will reach a pont where it won't bug you as much.
  10. by   pheobes718
    I'm 22, and I find it frustrating that I have to constantly prove myself competent; it all comes down to carrying yourself w/ confidence
  11. by   fins
    Let me just share some insight from someone who is now middle-aged.

    I hate you all.
  12. by   jilliebean729
    Quote from gt4everpn
    ah yes i feel your pain, i became a nurse when i was 18 and the first facility i worked at the staff gave me those looks, you know the how old are you??, your to young to give me orders, i'm not gonna listen to you looks, but now i work at this facility where i have none of those issues, the staff is very respectful, and yes at times some of the other nurses ask me my age, but the thing is at this facility there are like 10-12 of us young nurses, the oldest being 22 and the youngest is me at 19! (our h.s had a nrsg program) but anyway the key is mantaining a professional attitude!, being so young we can be discriminated against because people will think we dont know what we're doing but going thru nrsg school and passing boards speaks volumes in terms of our maturity! there is nothing that you can do about how old you look, its for them to accept you, make sure you know your stuff and mantain professional conduct at work! you dont want anyone to try to say you're not a good nurse because of your age!!
    you have two more years to go till youre an rn and youre 19? im graduating nursing school in 3 months and ill be a rn at 19! thats where accelerated programs and starting at 17 take you!!!
  13. by   november17
    I am 27, but I appear much younger. Even my father who is in his early 50s is often mistaken for being in his mid 30's (thanks for those genes Dad!!). It's a blessing and a curse. I'm 27 and I've been told I appear 20....when I was 18 I looked like I was 12 or 13.

    I usually tell the 40-60 year old people that I suffer from "Paul McCartney Syndrome." Then I explain how Paul looked the same age until he hit about 60 and it was all downhill from there. For the 60-70 year old age group I substitute, "Dick Clark syndrome"

    It gets a smile out of them. It's kind of a canned response but I hear it so often. You're 22 so you ARE young. Tell them you have "Doogie Howseritis" or something