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Hey everyone! Where is everyone planning to work once boards are finished? Me? I'll be in the CTICU at a large teaching hospital. Good Luck to everyone in their new jobs! Pokey RN... Read More

  1. by   J Lynn
    Quote from twinRN04
    I start in the ER tomorrow!! i can't wait to finally start! i have to go through a long GN orientation first but i'll catch up with my ER buds soon! i'm just as cheesy as happystudent....I can't wait to learn either!!!!! :chuckle
    And, how was your first day?
  2. by   J Lynn
    Quote from anutmeg
    i took the nclex on 7/16 and started work on 7/28 in l&d
    do you mean took it on 6/16 and start 6/28?
    how's l&d? deliver any babies yet?
  3. by   twinRN04
    hey! thanks for asking...
    my day was long! i'm still in orientation and it wasn't too bad but i won't start the real stuff for a week or two! not bad though im pretty excited!
  4. by   phatERnurse
    ER here!!!!!!!!!!
  5. by   Sarah8714
    Well until I found out through Quick Results the other day that I failed, I was working in IMU otherwise know as ICU stepdown.... Who knows now?
  6. by   pokey sn
    Sorry Sarah and Happy Lush. Keep your heads up!
    To everyone else, GOOD LUCK and congratulations on passing boards and bravely starting careers as nurses! Next Monday I start clinical orientation with a preceptor on the CTICU, and I am getting NERVOUS!
  7. by   kbrn
    Took my boards on June 26 and starting orienting in the ICU on June 28. Absolutely loving it.
  8. by   mom and nurse
    I'm planning to start working as a rehab nurse at a rehabilitation hospital next month. They deal with helping people recover and regain skills to perform their Activities of Daily Living after having amputations, brain and spinal cord injuries (from diving and car accidents, etc), strokes, and so forth. Lots of teaching involved. I chose this because I'd have more time to spend with my patients. The patients usually stay around 3 weeks before heading home, or to independent living or nursing homes....... (the website about this nursing field is www.rehabnurse.org). I'm looking forward to it....
  9. by   pokey sn
    To mom and nurse, rehab sounds interesting. I worked as an aide in a rehab hospital. It was a great learning experience.
  10. by   mom and nurse
    Quote from pokey sn
    To mom and nurse, rehab sounds interesting. I worked as an aide in a rehab hospital. It was a great learning experience.
    pokey sn - yes, rehab nursing is interesting......It will be quite different from when I was a student at the rehab hospital doing my senior practicum (which indeed was a great learning experience). I plan to start there next month as a new registered nurse and I hope I will get over the new job nervousness quickly and move on to concentrating on my patients.
  11. by   charliegirlnurse
    Quote from christySN
    I took the nclex on July 7 and checked the pearson website and found out I passed on July 9 (75 ques). I am going to start an RN internship in the OR at a large teaching hospital in St. Louis in Aug. It is a 6 month paid internship rotating through all 10 surgical services. I am very excited and very nervous to get started. I am excited because I will finally be working as a nurse but I am nervous because it will be all new info that I didn't learn in nursing school because we had such a limited exposure to the OR in school. But what I did experience in the OR during school was fascinating. After the 6 mos is over then I can choose which of the 10 surgical services I want to work in -- depending there is an opening in the service I choose! The services are ortho, ENT, plastics, cardio-thoracic, vascular, opthamology, GYN-GU, general surgery, ambulatory, neuro.
    Girl, I have been an OR nurse (LVN) for the past 17 months. I scrub every case. I am in a small rural hospital. I absolutely love it. I worked in Med/Surg for my first year out of school and then went on to the OR. I am now planning on getting my RN. I have learned so much and when I am an RN I will be able to perform every job in the OR. I hope you enjoy it as much as me. Good luck!
  12. by   J Lynn
    Unfortunitly, I'm still having trouble finding a job here in south louisiana. The hospitals are not hiring (as far as I know). I don't know anyone on the inside to check for me, so I have to look for job postings in the paper and internet. Those jobs seem to be the ones nurses don't want 'cause they are posted forever.
  13. by   pokey sn
    J Lynn, how about checking with an agency or a staffing agency that can place you in a hospital of facility? Just a thought. Good luck
    Pokey RN