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HI, I took the NCLEX yesterday and think I failed. The computer stopped at 105 or 106 questions and I felt it was pretty hard. I came home and looked up some of the "easy" questions I remembered and... Read More

  1. by   careerdejour
    Boy was it hard to predict!! It shut off at 76. I wanted it to go on. I felt like saying..."Wait, I need to prove that I know this stuff."

    Anyway, I don't know if I'll do the quick results in 2 days. My friend got her license 4 days after the test. So, I might wait till Saturday.
    I got a bunch of prioritization and delegation questions.

    And just for the record:The questions were more similar to the Kaplan Trainer CD than the Saunders books. I used both the Saunders Q & A and the Comprehensive. The Kaplan trainer was closer to the test.

    I will let you know when the results come!!
  2. by   newgrad2005
    I PASSED with 75 questions!!!
  3. by   tmarie75
    congrats to all who have passed nclex!!! i am very happy for all of you!!!! :hatparty:
  4. by   aggienurse
    I passed with 204 questions and I have a friend who passed with 150 and one who passed with 75.
  5. by   ria3
    I just took LPN boards yesterday. I shut down at 85 but I really don't know how I did. Now I'm just waiting.
  6. by   bebop5229
    I passed!!!! I passed!!!!! I passed with 265 of the hardest questions I ever had!!!

    I'm a RN!!!!!!!
  7. by   ConkyTonker
    Quote from SaraRNin2003
    I passed with 75 questions, but a friend of mine passed with 85. I am sure it was just a case where you needed to answer a few more questions in order to meet minimum competency.
    Definitely. I passed with 75 questions; my sister passed two years ago with 85 questions.

    Sending positive nclex energy your way!

    Live, laugh, love,
  8. by   grinnurse
    Wee Hoo, I passed with 75, have several friends that passed with 265, a couple that passed with 130 (or so) and more often than not passed with 75!!! So happy that it's over.
  9. by   cinderella77
    I took mine today and feel soooo scared. I felt like I was dumb sitting in that room with my mind blank. I hope I passed. It cut off at 75.
  10. by   EricJRN
    While we're on the subject, just a friendly reminder from your moderator:

    While many people obsess about the number of questions they received on the NCLEX, especially while waiting for results, the number of questions does not tell you whether you passed or failed.
  11. by   cineva
    I passed with 96 questions .
  12. by   suzy253
    265 and passed
  13. by   JentheRN05
    83 and passed