Was there a full moon this week...

  1. Okay, between the all the rain in NJ and no sun for 8 days, it is pretty bleak right now. I had some tough shifts over the past couple of days. It all started last Saturday with what was suppose to be a 11a to 11p shift. I can handle this. My manager asked if I could do that instead of 7a-7p. Sure. No problem. Except for the pt from you know where (manic depressive in the manic side) It was a good shift. Until (Cue music insert) my agency relieve never showed up at 11. Suddenly, I got mandated to stay until 0300 Sunday. Never did a 16 hour shift before. At 0100, my mind shuts down and I start confusing Lantus for a cardiac drug in my mind. I immediately tell the charge RN I don't feel safe giving Meds anymore. My mind is too tired. My meds get spread to my co-workers.
    I don't leave until 0330. That must have been the longest 4 hours in my RN career.
    Tuesday, show up for my 3 to 11 shift. Other than the fact that Pharmacy was not getting my meds up on the floor, the shift went well.
    Wednesday, had the same pt from you know where. As if 16 hours on Saturday were not enough. Was there a full moon this evening. Because it certainly felt like it. Add into the fact with now 15 inches of rain since Last Friday, our roof is now leaking. And at shift end, my tele pt, decided to go into V-Tach, and is throwing PVC's left and right. We transport that pt off unit at 24:15. While my pt from you know where decides that they would like some attention and starts having a temper tantrum. Nursing AD is up on the floor, because that pt keeps on paging them. Ativan please, thank you. (Now the pt does not like me because I gave them Ativan.).
    Leave at 1:15 after charting and reporting off. And get home to discover my VCR which I set to record "Lost" on ABC did not record until 4 hours later. Okay, there must be a full moon tonight.
    Yesterday, get the pt from you know where again. My manager who thinks highly of me, and who is seeing me starting to crack gives me today off with pay (A least 8 hours of today. Thank you.) I'm doing four hours this evening of just admiting pts. and I volunteered to do 4 hours tomorrow as well to just admit pts. God, I love my job.
    No two shifts are the same even with all of the same pts. And I am not being sarcastic. But I really did need to recharge my batteries. I've done several 4 hour shifts and they have been very pleasant. But I also enjoy my evening shifts except the never ending sixteen hour shifts.

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  3. by   Jennerizer
    Wow...sounds like you have had quite a week. I can't complain...my week was short & sweet. Wish they all could be like that.

  4. by   AMARTIN1
    I think there is something going on in all 50 states!!!!:chuckle I've had one hell of a week and one more day to go. I love reading your posts, it's like a new chapter unfolding. This would be great to look back on years from now, especially when helping bring up a new RN. Keep up the good work and enjoy your time off, you deserve it !!!
  5. by   luvltc
    I know the feeling. My Thursday night was like that, and I do believe there is a full moon on Monday.

    Just gotta love our jobs.

    Hopefully, your days start to get better.

    Smiles and hugs. :icon_hug:
  6. by   christvs
    I feel for you because my Friday 3-11 PM shift was just like that-so nuts that two days later I still don't feel rested enough!
  7. by   perfectbluebuildings
    Adam hope you have had some rest now!!! I think there IS something going on this week... or maybe it is just me Anyway the hours you worked are enough to make any day crazy, whether it already is or not!! Please take care...
  8. by   10ACGIRL
    Quote from Jennerizer
    Wow...sounds like you have had quite a week. I can't complain...my week was short & sweet. Wish they all could be like that.

    yes, there ws a full moon friday night. i saw it as we were coming back home from magic kindom in orlando.
  9. by   Monica RN,BSN
    The full moon was Wed Oct 16 according to my calandar.
  10. by   Monica RN,BSN
    OOPS .. It was Nov 16 not Oct.. I can't even remember what month we are in!