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  1. by   alpha_dog
    Can anyone tell me what the difference is between the Saunders Comprehensive Review and the Saunders Q&A Review?

    I have the Saunders Comprehensive Review. Should I also buy the Saunders Q&A Review too?

  2. by   chickapin
    I got my ATT on Monday so I'm signed up for the NCLEX on the 28th. I was very lucky to get that appointment, I think someone rescheduled theirs as I was looking at the times. I don't have my eligibility letter yet that says I can work as a GN though. So I'm just a unit secretary w/ a BSN until then! I'm really hoping it comes by Friday...I'm in Florida...does anyone know if that is something that comes via email like the ATT or is that a snail mail letter that comes from the BON? My manager said it usually comes a few days apart from the ATT...I just don't know what to be looking out for!
  3. by   HeartJulz
    Chickapin- yes you will receive it in the snail mail in a couple days and its a big envelope, like 8x10.... good luck!!! Im scheduled for 2.8!!
  4. by   HeartJulz
    Alpha, No prob. it might help and besides were in the same boat and can relate so i figured if Im typing them out anyway why not? Ive been studying like mad! Im trying to shoot for 6 hrs a day so far so good and oh my god I have learned sooooo much! mostly barnes and noble, but get this ... Ive mostly been doing sauders and have been doing really really well answering all of the ques. then I went to a Hurst review to switch it up a bit and I got a lot of them wrong! My confidence level went down ... also in regards to your ques. I never realized there were 2 different sauders? hmm, interesting. I might have told you www.ecampus.com is a good site to find books as low as $14 per book. Some are used, but from what they say are in good shape and some are new. I have some books coming any day now... I think I have way too many books, but I feel I need to switch it up 'cause I get bored of the same book and figure I want to 'cover as much ground' so to speak... also a god tip in one of the books was saying that NCLEX is testing us mainly on how to save a life and also is basic as a new nurse... kinda makes you think that a lot would basics such as lab values, med. side effects, categories of drugs, of course safety and also focus on scope of practice ... we would never do the job out of our scope and see an unstable client.. thatd be the RN. I did read a lot on triage which is the same as delegating.. Ive covered some very interesting topics...!! I will email you tomorrow some of my notes i have typed up so far.. mostly Pharm. but Im also writing in my notebook and havent transferred it yet.. it just sticks better when I do the reading, the notes and then type and print... ugh! I wish I learned in an easier way!!!
  5. by   eldragon
    I wish I'd get my ATT. I graduated 12/13, and still nothing. I registered with Pearson 7 days ago.

    I saw yesterday that they have an opening at my nearest site next week, but at 8 AM.

    I'm not a super-early person.

    I hope they have some later - in -the-day options!
  6. by   Always Learning, RN
    Waiting Anxiously!

    Graduated Dec. 8th. School did not send packet off until JAN 4th -- Nearly ONE MONTH later! ARGGGGG!!!!!!!:angryfire

    Checking my e-mail about every 15 minutes when home.

    I guess I will be lucky to test by the end of MARCH!

    My state will not even show you the test dates and sites available until you get your ATT so I can't even plan work around potential test dates!

    OK Rant Over!

    Congratulations to everyone who has their letter.
    Good Luck to US ALL on the test!

    Career Student
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  7. by   ava'smomRN
    eldragon- i am in the same boat as you.... graduated 12/13. but, our official grad date wasnt until 1/15 plus our school wont send out paperwork until after we finish a review course. i will finish my course on 1/22. does it help if you pay pearson early????? i really, really need to test in Feb. but i dont think its going to happen
  8. by   eldragon
    I heard that, if you sign up with Pearson in advance, create an account and pay the $200 - then as soon as you receive your ATT letter you can schedule your test date.

    And I signed up last Thursday and do have an account, so all I'm waiting for is the ATT letter.

    From whom does the ATT letter come from?
  9. by   ava'smomRN
    i think the ATT comes from the testing agency, once you are cleared from your BON
  10. by   land64shark
    Quote from eldragon
    I heard that, if you sign up with Pearson in advance, create an account and pay the $200 - then as soon as you receive your ATT letter you can schedule your test date.
    This is true.
  11. by   alpha_dog
    You are awesome! I wish I had the motivation you had in studying...I haven't studied since Monday night.
    I found out that my director sent our papers on the 26th of December but the BVNPT cashed my check yesterday for the application fee. My director said we should receive our eligibility letter late next week. I'm starting to get nervous but I keep putting off studying....
    Thanks for the info btw...and thank you so much for sharing...
  12. by   Mandylou
    I graduated on Dec 14 and still have not received my ATT. I think our transcripts were delayed going out because one of our teachers didn't get our grade in on time.

    I have also heard that all the test dates around here are full. So frustrating!
  13. by   HeartJulz
    You get your ATT through Pearson Vue ... and depending on if you gave them your email address, they will send everything by email, BUT MAKE SURE TO UNBLOCK YOUR SPAM FILTER IF YOU HAVE ONE!!! Because it does go to your bulk folder. Once BON deems you eligible then they electronically send info. to PV then PV sends your ATT thru email (if you chose that method) and usually a day or two latr you get your 8x10 or maybe its 11x10 envelope from BON....if yu have already paid PV then the day you get your big envelope all you have to do is jump online and sign up ... if you dont pay PV prior then you have to wait up to 72 hours MORE before you can pick your day and time ... good luck ... !!!