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Just need a place to vent out all of this. The day shift nurse forgot to do an order and as a night shift nurse I picked up the mess. I called the doctor to verified the order and was written up... Read More

  1. by   Eirene
    [FONT=Franklin Gothic Medium]I would get some evidence-based data on the benefits of verification- less errors, etc. I would write, "I was told to write a letter of apology, but instead I would like to take the time to educate on the safety of verification." I'd give it to your DON and the physician.
  2. by   LEN-RN
    I think that is totally insane!! I have never experienced that OR heard anyone doing that. You must have a very inexperienced nurse manager,(and might I add - immature??) Hmmmm, is there anyone above her that you can go to? If not, then I would seriously consider finding a new job. Since when does verifying an order need an apology?? She has got a severe case of etiquette overkill.
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  3. by   Freedom42
    I would ask the manager to tell the OP exactly what she is supposed to say in her apology. That should be interesting.
  4. by   NightNurseRN
    No way! I hate taking the heat for things the nurse before me missed. In your situation I definately would not apologize, I probably would write a letter/email to my manager stating exactly what happened, facts only.