UCLA New Grad Residency Winter 2018

  1. Hi, everyone! I wanted to start this group for those who will or are still thinking about applying to UCLA's new graduate program!
    We can talk about applying, any rumors we've heard or just anything in general.

    I started a Facebook group too (since other groups have in the past):
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    Links to the UCLA New Grad Page:
    Nursing New Graduates - UCLA Health Careers
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  3. by   smokestacklightning
    Hi everyone! I thought that the UCLA nurse residency program opened for applications on September 23; however, this morning there's nothing posted on the nurse residency or job search sites. Wondering if anyone else has the same information?
  4. by   lberm
    I've been looking for it too and haven't seen anything up on the site!
  5. by   kmichellex
    Same! I even looked up the external number for the job and NO results found! I hope they pushed back the start date instead of cancel this winters program.
  6. by   Itscoldout
    Same here, patiently waiting...
  7. by   kmichellex
    UPDATE ON UCLA: I emailed Sheri! She just told me that they have postponed the application process! She didn't say when but she said: "I hope to know by the end of next week."
  8. by   rogerssu
    Thanks for this information kmichellex! Keep us posted if you hear anything else
  9. by   CARN2018
    Thanks to whoever made this thread! I was searching all morning for the application, glad to know its just been postponed.
  10. by   BlueHearts53
    Oh my gosh I am so happy I found this thread! I had the same exact question and I was panicking because I couldn't find any answers until now! Thank you guys!!!
  11. by   NabaroKairu
    Thank you for starting this thread! I started getting a little anxious when I couldn't find anything on the job search page, best of luck everyone!
  12. by   NaeAsh
    Thanks for starting this thread! I've been reading previous threads just to see what others have experienced as far as the application process, so I am glad there is now one for the following winter start. I also was a bit nervous when 9/23 came around and the application was no where to be found. Thanks for the update kmichellex :-)
  13. by   LAnewgrad17
    Thanks for starting this thread!
  14. by   kmichellex
    Hey guys! No new updates on my end but I think I'll try to reach out to her out the Talent team this Sunday/Monday