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i took my nclex 2 days ago and still nothing on the website or my BON website....I totally think i soon are they suppose to have the scores on there? its been 2 days....Does... Read More

  1. by   jessjoy
    You only fail if you don't try again. Try to get back into studying mode and really crank out Q's on things you felt really unsure iof when you took the test. Before you know you'll have those two little letters following your name.
  2. by   BMTgn
    Quote from MPNURSE
    well just got my results, i not surprised though, i kinda of knew.....i guess im off to my 2nd not giving up?

    Does anyone know if the 45 day rule applies to everyone or just some states?
    I'm really sorry to hear you fail. You were so close!. You know when you were mentioning your questions we almost had identical subjects on our tests! I failed my first try too. It was tough and pretty good soul searching time for me. I took my time to get over the fact that I failed and after that i just said well i'm bound to take it again.. for the last 3 weeks before the test.. i studied from 9 am to 7 pm..... Memorized all growth and development, Vaccinations, and Fluid and Electrolyte stuff.. If you have a friend that has the Kaplan workbook, use that.. use the cd from it.. its very helpful!.. good luck in studying for the next one.. keep us posted on your progress!!..
  3. by   orchid
    so sorry you failed...I just did mine this morning and not feeling good about it...if I dont pass will def. do the Kaplan course....keep strong