Tonight's the night! 1st shift off orientation

  1. Jees Louise I've got butterflys in my stomach!

    I should be catching a few zzs before driving to work but I can't get my mind or body to cooperate with me.

    LOL, I just want to get there, get started and get it over with...

    Tomorrow night with be so much easier just 'cause it's not the first!
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  3. by   suzy253
    I remember my first evening on my own off of orientation. Just remember that you are never alone and certainly don't feel bad about asking questions. I'm more than one year in and I still ask questions.

    Good luck & relax!
  4. by   Agnes Anne

    it was the perfect 1st night. Only 3 pts, so I did all cares, typed orders, & hung platelets. I had a chance to really focus on the "plan", see the bigger picture of all the pm shift "to-dos", tape early so my early bird replacement couldn't even grumble. :-D.

    So Onward and Upward !!!! :spin:
  5. by   Piki
    Congrats! Glad it went well. I'll be joining you in about another month.... Exciting but scary !!
  6. by   RN BSN 2009
    good luck!!!!!!!!!!
  7. by   nenabee
    Congrats! I'm really glad your night went well. Tonight is my first night off orientation and I hope it goes the same way, although I shouldn't count on it because for the past two weeks something has happened every shift that threw me off balance. Wish me luck! And I hope your next shift goes just as well.
  8. by   Tweety
    Good luck!!