the pressure is building and my gut knows it!

  1. I've kept at the practice questions now for three weeks. Today I got online and downloaded the review from ERI and took it - passed 10 points above the passing grade so I guess something somewhere along the line has sunk into this poor, poor brain of mine!

    I'm studying in limited blocks of time this weekend with time out to go wander the local metro area summer arts festival and then on Sunday a wonderful break to go a Simon and Garfunkel concert (graduation gift from youngest daughter).

    But my poor innards - they're starting to rebel from the stress. Everday it's a discussion among the various parts in there: to go or not go - how often - etc, etc, etc.

    I've read the posts and commiserate with everyone and rejoice or hurt as the message has read.

    ackkkkkkkkk! Becoming a nurse is a true birthing process, isn't it! That last little push to get through NCLEX is the final delivery and it just may do me in. I'm getting the 'transitional crazies' happening!
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  3. by   BSNgrad2004
    i'm just as anxious as you are. everything i eat, i feel like my stomach is not agreeing with. a majority of the people who post in this forum have been passing the nclex- and it's making me more nervous. i've got one week left to go before the big day.
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  5. by   Love-A-Nurse
    cindy, i "hear" you talking! i wish you and each of us the best.
  6. by   RN2Be
    I feel the same way. The NCLEX has really caused me to become more anxious now that it is only a couple of weeks away. I try to remain optimistic but still inside I can feel the anxiety building. Hopefully, the studying I've been doing and practice tests will help me through this hump. But believe me I feel your pain....
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    my stomach feels like somebody took a wisk and decided to make scrambled eggs! no matter what i ate today, my stomach would protest...

    i was wondering what that eri test is and where can i download that, too? i am an international student, graduated last year, but is just now taking the nclex..

    i have been reviewing with the kaplan cd and so far my scores aren't nclex worthy! but i have read in here that that doesnt matter, wat matters is the application and analysis scores.. my scores there are in the 60th percentile..

    im really nervous and scared about this whole nclex thing.. i know the passing percentage for foreign grads arent all that great...

    if somebody can please help me about that eri test thing, i would really appreciate it.. thank you!