The first year: So much learned, so much to learn - page 3

Today marks one year since I started my first real nursing job in the PACU. I mentioned this to my preceptor the other day, and she said she thought the year had flown by. I do, too, but it has... Read More

  1. by   emain86
    I'm almost at a year now too. I work full time and I love it every single day. Seriously we are so blessed to be working in the PACU as opposed to the floor. I did the exact same job when I was in the military so nursing school was quite pointless.

    For the most part I do function on my own except for when I'm like what in the world is this... haha. I'm used to recovering 20 year old blown up men. Not an appy or IV drug users or people in poor health. I truly do love it every day.

    I said to a co-worker I really hope I don't hate my job in 20 years. She doesn't think I will. I may not love it as much but I can't imagine hating it here.
  2. by   Enlightenedx
    Future nurse here, im really really excited to get into this career! thank you for this.
  3. by   Ruby Vee
    Great article! Learning how little you know is a big step, and the road from novice to expert is a long one. Hope your second year is as educational!
  4. by   License2Heal
    Love this post. Thank you!!