Tests during Orientation???

  1. a few of my fellow nursing students have had to take tests during their initial hospital orientation. one person took a pharmacology test and others took nursing tests regarding ivs and fluids. has anyone else had to take tests? thank you.
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  3. by   GPNANGEL
    yes, I had to take a med-test during the first week of orientation. It had mostly pharmacology questions with math on it . I'm working in a nursing home as a GPN, and so most of the questions had to do with a nursing home setting. Really easy for the most part. My test had 50 questions, and I missed six all together, but was able to prove my answeres weren't wrong on three of the six I missed. Most places will give you a med-test after hiring you, and than they will give a med-test every six months or so just to see if you're able to pass them. I don't think they really amount to any thing though. I took the test, they gave me the right answeres, told me to change my wrong answers, and I still ended up with a 100... personally, I thought it was a joke.
  4. by   kimmicoobug
    Mine was 25 questions long...and it was really easy. I was expecting something a bit harder. However, if you failed this test, you didn't have a job unless other arrangements with the director of your unit were made.
  5. by   Gator,SN
    I had to take a pharmacology test and it was horrrrrrible! Drugs I'd never heard of, calculations that seemed impossible!
    I passed it, though I don't know how!
    After the test, I could pass meds on my unit.
  6. by   dsczephyr
    I had to take a dosage calculations test. I didn't think it was hard at all. I also have a wound management package where I have to read their protocols, take a written test, and do a demonstration. I have yet to be scheduled for that. Denise
  7. by   AmiK25
    For my orientation, I have to take a med/dosage calculation test and then I have six weeks of classes in which we also take tests on EKG strips, pharmacology, patho, etc...I am working in the ICU though.
  8. by   xantha31669
    We had to take the worst test I ever had as part of orientation. It was called PBDS. They showed us videos with patients having various problems. They give you some basic data (labs,vitals,etc) then you would have to figure out what was going on with the patient by watching them. Once you thought you knew you had to decide whether it was urgent, then list all the interventions you would do. It was really hard because they had 20 of trying to watch it on a little TV, so it was easy to miss things. I thought that it was very helpful though. It made you really think about what you would do for some common things like low blood sugar, transfusion reactions, respiratory distress, etc.

  9. by   fourbirds4me
    I had to take the general hospital med test (65 questions) and I will also have to take the OB med test.
  10. by   Rapheal
    I was supposed to take an IV test but they never offered it to me. Staffing was short so off to nursing I went. I think testing is a great way to see what weaknesses you have so that you can improve before your license is at stake. I don't think they will fire you if you fail something, probally just teach you the correct procedure. Good luck in your new job.
  11. by   Katnip
    I have a six-month orientation, this is the end of week 2. So far, I've had 2 med calculation and pharm tests, an ABG test, two dysrhytmia tests, a PCEA test, and a whole bunch of competency evaluations.

    We have more to look forward to. We won't even see a preceptor until week 11, and that will only be in mornings. Most afternoons will be spent in classes for a total of six months.
  12. by   meownsmile
    My hospital gives a pharmacology test and a math for meds test. They have even started putting the math portion of the test on our yearly continuing ed. tests, so everyone does it every year now.
  13. by   rosemadder
    thanks for the info everyone! on the pharmacology tests were they questions about medications in general or were they more specific. also were the medical tests about procedures or specific diseases? in other words what might be helpful to review before these tests? i am petrified that i'll fail something that i have to pass!
  14. by   nadia562002
    I had the PBDS assessment too. I think it was a great way to identify strengths and weaknesses without telling you that you are a total idiot for wanting to be a nurse at this hospital. Of course I placed with the "majority of new grads" whatever that really means. Several weeks after it was done, a nurse educator followed up with me and worked through everything I missed as well as provided feedback to my preceptor about what we need to work on together. The questions I missed were either problems I had not seen yet or did not know policy on yet.