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Hi all! I've been on this site for a while now, but haven't posted much. however, i feel like it'll just make me (and hopefully a few others) feel a bit better about this whole job situation if we... Read More

  1. by   Pamilina
    Quote from moosey32
    so i finally had an interview feb 2nd!!! i interviewed with human resources and then with the clinical director of the med/surg floor. i will know something this coming week because they have to finish up other interviews. there are 3 positions available. ugh. this has already been the longest weekend of my life... and now it's going to be the longest week of my life lol. i don't know what to think about any of it. at this point i am just crossing my fingers and praying!
    keeping my fingers crossed for you! did you get it?
  2. by   Miss Chybil RN
    Quote from Pamilina
    Keeping my fingers crossed for you! Did you get it?
    LOL! She just posted 20 minutes before you did!

    Good luck, Moosey!
  3. by   Pamilina
    LOL...I guess I feel like it's been a long time, that we haven't heard. LOL! Hope she gets it!!!
  4. by   Miss Chybil RN
    Quote from tushnite
    Please post your resume I will try
    Who are you talking to?
  5. by   MissRN0520
    Just had an interview earlier.. For OR, 2 available jobs and 7applicants. Im thefirst to be imterviewed. Whew! I really want this job.. Crossin fingers too... My hert is thumping hard until now. Whew!
  6. by   Moosey32
    Quote from missrn0520
    just had an interview earlier.. for or, 2 available jobs and 7applicants. im thefirst to be imterviewed. whew! i really want this job.. crossin fingers too... my hert is thumping hard until now. whew!

    good luck!!! i will be praying for you!!!
  7. by   Pamilina
    Good luck! I know that feeling, of old thumper!
  8. by   Vanillanut
    I would like to hear from any new grads in WA with BSN's about how your experiences have been like trying to find a job. Also where you've been applying in the state, and what other credentials/experience you might have.

    I am Canadian, and I think the job opportunities are much better up here then they are down in the US. Perhaps if there are single people out there who don't mind relocating, it might be worth it. I have been offered a position in my area I want (Emergency, at a major hospital) and in the next couple months there are recruiters coming to the school to have "pizza lunches" and try to recruit us. My school email is frequently peppered with offers/recruitment letters. Plus.... I might even forgo all the opportunities here (Vancouver, BC) to head up north and make some more money to offset my loans.

    I understand relocating isn't an answer for everyone, but for those who prefer Vancouver over Texas, come on up! For those who are obligated to stay put..... hang in there. Its only a matter of time before the health decline of the baby boomers. Plus I think Obama's plan will open up more jobs, at least from what I can understand of it.
  9. by   NickiLaughs
    Quote from bajamedic can you not be able to get job. There are tons of jobs for RNs.
    I am assuming that you are in New Jersey. Check out west, Texas is offering 20k sign on bonus in San Antonio.

    There are jobs currently in some places for experienced RN's.....I can tell you as of right now, my hospital (that I thankfully got a job at) is ASKING nurses to volunteer to go part-time or be prepared for lay-offs. They overhired New Nurses last year, and I believe they will be the first to go, thankfully, I believe I am high enough up the chain to keep my job. But just to give you an idea that currently different parts of the country are not only NOT HIRING, they are LAYING OFF/HIRING FREEZE, etc.

    And the comment about how to run a mega-code and ACLS would probably not be useful to many in a job interview, most med-surg jobs do not require ACLS. I think they should, but I'm not the hiring manager.
  10. by   MissRN0520
    Is it possible to take 2 fulltime jobs? 12 hr shifts. 3-2's?
  11. by   itsmejuli
    I'm a new LPN and having a really hard time finding a job. There are lots of ads for LPNs, but they all require at least a year of experience.

    I've been accepted into an LPN-RN program starting in May. I'm having second thoughts on doing this program since there are few if any jobs for new grad RNs in this area as well.

    I'm now looking for a job in my previous career field, I have a job interview tomorrow and there's a good chance I'll get it. This job will pay more than an LPN job.

    I'd hate to commit my time and money to the RN program only to wind up not finding a job as a new grad RN in the summer of 2011. I'd be in a financial disaster and lose everything I own.

    But if I get this job and can telecommute I'll still be able to attend the RN program as scheduled.

    Oh crystal ball please tell me what the future holds!
  12. by   readytowork2010
    im still looking for a job in louisiana
  13. by   kfarinato
    Still no jobs in Massachusetts, everyday I go to the 100+ statewide hospital websites and nothing has changed. Maybe one or 2 postings a week that say they MIGHT consider a new grad. I have worked in a decent sized community hospital for almost 6 years and I got an email today from the recruiter to inform me that there are definitly no new grad jobs and she doesn't know when there will be.
    I have bill collectors harrasing me, I work 1 day a week cleaning operating rooms, no health insurance and my car is falling apart. I am so frustrated and feel that I wasted my time. I have had 2 interviews, 1 at a great place (but not a hospital) and the other at a LTC facility that informed me 5 minutes into the interview that they already filled the spot.