Stay at home mom wanting to go to nursing school

  1. Hi all! I am needing some advice and some encouragement. I am a 27 year old Mom of 4 children, ages 7, 4, 17 months and 2 months. I have been wanting to go to nursing school for about 5 or 6 years now, but the timing never seemed right. My husband is very encouraging and wants me to go fulfill my dream of going to school and becoming a nurse. Over the past few days I have realized that I'm making excuses for me not to go back to school. I have been a CNA for 7 years now, so I do have experience in the medical field. I know that it is going to be very hard work and very time consuming, for I have many friends who have gone through nursing school. My husband is willing and wants to help once I start, but I worry it's going to take a toll on my family, and ultimately, my marriage. I may also have to do a part time program that will take 4 years to get my associates, instead of 2 years. Any words of wisdom would be greatly appreciated, or if anyone has been through what I am about to go through. Thanks in advance!!
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  3. by   loriangel14
    I was a single mom and did a part time program. Completely doable with good family support.Best of luck.
  4. by   Morganalefey
    YOu can do it! I went back to school when my children were 4, 2.5 and 4mos. It was hard, and I just went part-time until I actually started nursing school, but it is do-able. I graduated in 2011, and have been an RN for 2 years now.
    As long as you have a supportive hubby, it won't affect your marriage. You will spend the majority of your time at school or studying, for sure.
  5. by   kmwk
    Never fear as long as you have help and support you will be successful. Making excuses and putting it off takes more time away from the family so just buckle down and get it done. Good luck. I begin my journey in September and I have 3 small children as well so it is doable.
  6. by   Fiona59
    I did it when by children were 6 and 9. Both were in full time school. I don't have family in my area, so childcare was a huge issue for me. I wanted to be sure my children would be safe without me.

    Financially it was hard. Not a lot of funding for a SAHM with no employment for the last decade. But between government and bank loans we did it.

    Basically you have to be organized and have backup plans. Who is going to be with the children when they are sick? What are you going to do with school fieldtrips and professional development days?

    You have to be prepared to be exhausted. I could only study when they went to bed. My husband travels several times a year for his job. So I couldn't count on his support.

    You can do it but you also have to know when you've had enough. We had four women in my group drop out due to childcare and other family issues.
  7. by   rj2011
    I believe if you really want something, you can make it happen. I currently work as a CNA, 32 hours, have 2 kids at home and attend a fulltime adn program. I have one more year left. It has been difficult at times, there has been NO time to just goof off, every minute is either studying, taking care of kids, working or being in school. I come home, and then husband goes to work... go go go. But I hope I pass, and can look back on this time time and just laugh, or something.

    It is stressful, but doable!
    Good luck
  8. by   MoopleRN
    Want it? DO IT. 2 yrs vs 4? That's a no-brainer to me, git er done in 2. A little more stress than 4 years but the pay-off is worth it. In my personal experience, the more I had on my plate (school/family/work), the more I got done. You just buckle down and DO IT. Family support, which you have, helps but like the saying goes, where there's a will, there's a way.

    DO IT and best wishes!!!!
  9. by   PalmettoNurseOR
    I was a semester in in my program when I got pregnant with my son. I stuck with it and finished when he was a year old. It was difficult, my husband (who was also in school) and I had no time, no money, and felt like giving up many times. Thankfully, we were very supportive of each other and had a support system around us to help us out. I graduated in December and work on an orthopaedics floor which I love. If you really want it, I say go for it! Good luck
  10. by   michiganstudent
    I am a 38-year-old mom of 4 starting nursing school next month. I've been a SAHM for many years. I did pre-req's last year. I LOVED going back to school. It's hard, but I feel such a sense of accomplishment. Good luck
  11. by   ricksy
    Two year program never finishes in two years anyway. Do the part will give you time and your family are it!
  12. by   clearblue3
    I agree with going part time! I have three kiddos at home and I never could have done the full time program. And the full-time students just seemed so much more stressed. They often said they didn't have time to study like they read the assigned material etc. They were just trying to stay afloat. Part time is an awesome option. Our school phased out the part time and I don't know of any other programs where I am that offer part time. Yes, it takes longer to finish, but it saved my sanity!! :-) I do have to admit that I wish that I would have waited until my kiddos were in school. I feel that even though I was only part time, I still missed some precious time with my kids. Those years go by so fast so I have some regrets. I was so anxious to get going on everything, but I didn't have any idea how much work the program would be and how incredibly time consuming. Good luck with your decision and with school if you decide to go! Like someone else mentioned...I have loved the sense of accomplishment and using my brain! :-)
  13. by   tryn2bloom
    This is a rather long post and I hope you will bear with me! I was a stay at home mom with a degree in elementary education (I taught for four years before having children.) I loved teaching and thought I would go back into teaching after the kids were older. Life throws everyone curve balls that sometimes alter your path in life. During the first ultrasound of our second child we knew something was terribly wrong; we were sent for testing and we were told our child had Turner's syndrome. Four months later she was born (still-born.) It was a difficult time but I was fortunate to have the most caring and considerate nurses during this experience.
    Over time I began to think about a career in nursing- but there were so many obstacles! I had a third child, I was really terrible in math and science, the finances were tight, and on and on. I decided to go to a community college at night and work on my math and science skills one class at a time- it took two years to get to the point where I was confident in my abilities. My husband and I decided that I would apply to nursing school and that if God was in favor then He would "open the door". I was accepted very quickly into a program (four year- BSN.) I won't lie- it was very hard (lots of late nights studying after the kids were in bed) and I had to take some time off due to my son's disabilities but I finished this spring and yesterday I was offered a position. I took the journey in "chunks" - bit by bit imagining myself walking on a long journey- each literal step I took advanced me closer to my goal.
    My family is my number one priority and with this in mind I believe that my children learned some valuable lessons. I think my children learned that difficult goals can be achieved through perseverance, limitations can be overcome with hard work and that you can always find a way to get the things done that are important.
    If you feel in your heart that this is a path you want to take- I would encourage you to go for it! There are many of us like you who have gone before you and finished. You can do it too!
  14. by   Mrs. Silva
    Tryn2bloom, I am from PA too! Washington county, about a lil over an hour away from Pittsburgh