States with shortages?

  1. I'm in massachusetts been applying to places for about a month and have only had 1 interview starting to realize l'm going to have to relocate. Just wondering where should l go. Where are the shortages and where would the best pay/benefits be?
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  3. by   texastaz
    Check out Texas. Beware biggest shortages are where it is the worst pay/worst benefits. Good Luck!
  4. by   elthia
    I know M D Anderson in Houston is laying off staff, around 1000. However Central Texas has built several new hospitals in the past few years and still has a nursing shortage, the area has been using travel nurses for quite some time to supplement staff.
  5. by   fabiusgile
    I'm in massachusetts and we have no shortage of nursing I've played to alot of places and have received a bunch of emails saying we are not accepting new grads at this time... I was thinking NC and will look into tex any other states appreciated.
  6. by   elkpark
    NC officially (according to the state nursing center, that is) does not have a shortage. The state has been v. aggressive for years about producing plenty of "home-grown" nurses. I know personally that Charlotte area hospitals have announced they're not hiring new grads for now, and the Charlotte area students are really struggling with finding jobs.
  7. by   fabiusgile
    ~shrugs~ searched NC w/ indeed and found 60ish jobs better than the 6 l found in mass
  8. by   86toronado
    Your best bet is to look into more rural areas, rather than medium/big cities. The hospitals that are still hiring around here (in upstate NY/Albany area) are the smaller community hospitals, rather than the big ones.
  9. by   fabiusgile
    ty been searching new york... Idk if l'm just being anxious or if my worry is valid. one of my professors told me last year half the class had jobs graduating... This year it seems like the only ones with jobs are the LPNS who bridged.

    I guess my plan is to keep plugging away in mass and if I pass my boards with no job start looking outside