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Well, I got my results from the board of nursing today. I did not pass. One part of me is mad and the other is OK. I'm upset b/c I had this great job lined up for september and now I am not going to... Read More

  1. by   peaceful2100
    Chrislynn, I know the feeling since I found out last month that I did not pass boards it has been a little depressing for me but each day gets better and better. Last week I worked with this nurse and he told me he failed boards not once, not twice, not three or four times but get this he did not pass boards until he took it 7 times and he said that was 5 years ago. I would have NEVER guessed it took him 7 times before passing but he said you probably don't belief me but I can proof it. He was one of the most wonderful, caring intelligent nurses up there working that night. He is now studying to become a nurse practitioner. He said for him it was not the fact that he did not know his stuff it was the fact that he said he had test anxiety and he just did not want to be honest with himself about it for a while.

    We CAN DO THIS. If you are planning on working in the hospital setting I strongly RECOMMEND getting the patient care tech position not only does it pay more but you will learn more a LOT more too and get to do more but make sure it fits your job description.

    A nurse allowed me to put in my first NG tube the other day. (It was in my job description).

    We WILL PASS in october. Feel free to e-mail me if you would like a buddy. Friends that I went to school with try to support me but it is really hard for them to actually do so not knowing what I am actually going through and what I really feel.
  2. by   jm1739
    Hi Chrislynn,

    I just joined this forum and read that you too have failed your boards and have to re-take them in October. I am in the same position and I thought I'd let you know your not alone and I totally understand how you feel. I just graduated in May, had an awesome job lined up, and of course I no longer can work in that position. I'm doing much better dealing with the fact I failed, but I still get very frustrated and have that occasional depressed phase when I think about other classmates that passed and are now working and moving on with their careers. I'm really nervous because tomorrow I start a job as an LPN by permit at a local hospital, where I know several classmates are working at - I am dreading the fact of them finding out i didn't pass! Well I hope it somewhat helps knowing that I'm in the same boat as you and I just wanted to let you know that if you needed anyone else to talk to that can relate to what your going through I am here to try and help. I think if we just stay positive and focused on getting ready to take them again we can do it!! Good luck!!
  3. by   Dwedge
    I agree with the previous people. You will surely have more confidence when you finish the NCLEX review. Sitting for boards is an experience that no one can describe. We all know the intense fear that it causes. Get plenty of rest the night before and know that you have made it through the great valley of darkness and fire in nursing school and you will make it through this.

    I know several wonderful nurses that had to take the boards more than once. That test is not a measure of your ability to nurse. I think it is a test of your ability to take that type test and survive.

    REMEMBER: You can and will pass it!!!!!!!!!!:chuckle
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  4. by   Rapheal
    Sorry you didn't pass this time around. Next time will be the charm. I think your game plan sounds good and should help you gain more experience and confidence. Good luck and congratulations on passing nursing school.
  5. by   cwazycwissyRN

    Hold your chin high and continue reaching for the sky.
  6. by   Gator,SN
    You can and will pass!
    Good luck with the Kaplan course, I've heard people say that it is a good one.
    You are already moving positively toward your goal, you will make it!
  7. by   itsnowbegun
    keep your eyes on the prize...and know that this hard time shall pass! STAY CONFIDENT
    let us know how you do...
  8. by   babynurse32
    DOn't get frustrated or discouraged. I would be careful about getting a job in the hospital. ALthough it is great experience, you will start picking up the "real world" way of doing things instead of the "book way" which is what the NCLEX is looking for. In PA we can work as a grad nurse until we take the NCLEX, I chose not to do that for the very reason I have stated. Hit those NCLEX review books hard, that is what helped.