1. I would like to know what kind of shoes are the best, my feet hurt so bad does anyone have suggestions
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  3. by   mrod
    Danskos.....I used sneakers for a couple of yrs and then tried Dansko and I love them. They are about $100 but they last for yrs.
  4. by   brookelt
    thanks a ton for the information
  5. by   banahna
    i have Danskos but they really hurt my feet.. maybe it's just me..?? I recently bought a pair of crocs (without the holes).. they are so light and comfortable!!
  6. by   NJNursing
    Theres this same thread in the genearal nursing thread, but I'll answer it anyway.

    I've got Nike Shox. They're about $100, but so worth it. It took me 2 days to "break them in", but now that I have they're so comfortable. I have no foot pain, no back pain with them.

    I had Skechers Workwear sneaks before that which I loved also, but only lasted me about a year, although I've read somewhere that with the amount of walking nurses do, that it's recommended they replace their shoes every 6-12 months anyway.

    I want to get a pair of crocs because I hear great things about them.

    I hated Nursemates. They're light, but no arch support and my feet would hurt after the first month or so.
  7. by   hlfpnt
    Birkenstock's...also expensive, but worth every penny!
  8. by   WolfpackRed
    Had CROCS, but no arch support, very light weight. Also, they were the closed-top type, so my feet sweated all day. Wife was not pleased after a long clinical/workday.

    Invested in Danskos (professional style), they have great arch support, but heavier, but not much more than regular shoes. Bonus is that they are breathable and make for happy wife.

    Also, Dansko has an online outlet ( ) to look for good deals. But, like other outlets, timing is everything.
  9. by   meandragonbrett
    I wear shox, crocs, and birks
  10. by   catlvr
    I have miserable feet, and love my MBTs ( I have the ugly white sneakers, since we had to have white shoes for clinicals, but when I graduate and get a sneakers! Honestly, I think that my posture is better from wearing them. They are insanely expensive, but if you have back or foot problems, it might be worth the investment.

    I like Dansko's as well, sometime I fall off of the clogs - dippy me!

  11. by   gradRN2007
    I wear ZCOIL's, they are the best, i have plantar fasciata, old bones and arthritis, but boy do the work, on my feet all night and worth every penny
    $165.00, big spring for the heel and have lasted 3 years and look like new, actually going tomorrow to see about a 2nd pair in black
  12. by   mom2michael
    I have 2 pairs of Dansko's (white and black).

    I also have some Birki's.

    I have Crocs and ended up retiring those to the yard work whenever I realized that the shooting pains up my legs were directly related to the Crocs.

    My Birki's are reaching the point of causing the same pain as the Crocs.

    So I stick with my Dansko's
  13. by   al7139
    Go to a certified Pedorthist and invest in a pair of custom made orthotics. I did this and my feet don't hurt, even after a 12 hour shift. They are expensive, but I think it is money well spent.
  14. by   RGN1
    AS suggested above - how about inserts to cushion your feet? I have ones with gel heels & toes plus an arch support & they are just the ticket. They cost about $22 (UK 11) & they just sit in any shoe that I happen to be wearing. They are also antibacterial so keep down the pong!