SHARP new grad Fall 2018

  1. Hi everyone!
    The nurse residency program applications opened up today for all of Sharp campuses and don't close until next week. I just submitted my application right now. I'm an internal applicant and it's my second time applying so I'm hoping this is the last time I'll have to do this! Just wanted to open up the conversation for other applicants! This time around, I chose Memorial Acute Care and Chula Vista
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  3. by   A.Nursing21
    Hi! I also applied for my 2nd time, but as an external applicant. Hoping for the best. Do you know how many people were hired last cohort?
  4. by   2018newgrad
    Quote from A.Nursing21
    Hi! I also applied for my 2nd time, but as an external applicant. Hoping for the best. Do you know how many people were hired last cohort?
    For Memorial, they hired about 3 people per unit for the acute and PCU program. I'm not sure about the other floors. I also know that Chula Vista didn't hire anyone for their rotations.
    I might be wrong on that, though. I'm. It sure about the other units!
  5. by   briswanson10
    Hi all,

    I also applied to the Sharp Residency program. I applied at Grossmont (ED and Cardiac Progressive Care Unit). Has anyone heard anything from them yet? I just checked my application and it says "under consideration" and hasn't been updated since June 18, 2018. I am an external applicant as well. I'm currently at University of Rochester in Rochester, NY and will be finishing in August.

    Best of luck to all!

  6. by   ana120300
    Just got an email to self-identify, but the link was faulty. It said it was a voluntary survey so I'm assuming it goes out to everyone that applied. Trying not to get my hopes up!
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    Hi everyone! I applied to Sharp Mary Birch and Sharp Chula Vista. Still under consideration, but hoping for the best for all of us!
  8. by   NurseMadsWint
    I also got an email to self-identify - also trying not to get my hopes up... I applied to PCU and Med-Surg for Memorial. Status still says under consideration since June 27th
  9. by   shuTTer99
    I also applied for my 2nd time and got the self-identify email last Friday. Also still "under consideration" as of 06/27. Crossing my fingers that we'll hear back for an interview soon.
  10. by   melray2727
    Hi guys!

    I also applied to Sharp's program for the Oncology progressive care unit/telemetry and the Medical Surgical Unit. This is my first time applying. I hope we all hear back soon!
  11. by   MsNita83
    I applied to ICU and PACU at Memorial. I recieved a self-identify email but the link was broken. Anyone else have that issue? Should I call to get the correct link?
  12. by   MsNita83
    As this is your 2nd time, did they give you any feedback previously to become more marketable/competitive? I'm nervous because I dont have a BSN but I graduated #1 in my class.
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  13. by   ana120300
    The survey said it was voluntary so I don't think you would have to call. My link was also broken
  14. by   SerbGrad,BSN,RN
    This is also my second time applying as an internal candidate. I interviewed last cohort however I was not hired

    I applied for Memorial Medical Surgical.

    My app still says under consideration. (7/5)