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  1. MsNita83

    Scripps New Grad RN January/March 2020

    Actually, I did not include a photo. In my case it was not needed, my manager called me about 30 minutes after my interview and offered me a position. However, Palomar does like applicants to include pictures.
  2. MsNita83

    Scripps New Grad RN January/March 2020

    I'm at Chula Vista on MedSurg/Tele. I love my unit everyone is no nice and helpful. You guys will love Scripps.
  3. MsNita83

    Scripps New Grad RN January/March 2020

    For those whom received interview offers here are some tips that I feel helped me get selected to the June 2019 Cohort: 1. Create a portfolio that highlights your accolades from school and current/previous jobs (even if not healthcare related) 2. Do research on Scripps Mission and Vision statements to incorporate into your answers 3. Show your interview panel your personality. They want to see who you are and if you will fit in with the existing team. 4. Don't give cookie cutter answers. They dont ask any technical/knowledge based questions. Therefore, ensure your answers come from the heart. (A. Why did you choose Scripps? B. What are your strengths and weaknesses? C. How do you handle work conflicts) they asked a couple scenario based, what would you do questions and then rapid fire questions. 5. Interview panel typically has 3 managers on it, so bring 3 copies of your resume cover letter and credentials for them to keep. I presented mine in a folder for each. 6. Customer service and safety is of utmost important. Work that up as much as possible 7. RELAX. You are an awesome person and will be an awesome nurse. Stay positive!
  4. MsNita83

    ADN to MSN...Is It Real???

    Good morning, I would like to get your feedback on a nurse education question I've been pondering. In January I will start an ADN program. I was thinking about following that with an accelerated RN to BSN program. But today I seen some program called RN to MSN (but there is no BSN bridge degree given). How would this translate to employers? The program is accredited and allows eligibility to sit the exam, however, no BSN would be obtained. Your thoughts??