Sharp New Grad Residency 2018 - page 4

Hey Everyone! just wanted to get a page started where we can help each other out while we wait to hear back from Sharp! Good luck to everyone!:)... Read More

  1. by   Heather22RN
    I got an email today stating "Good morning, We appreciate your interest in Sharp Memorial Hospital Nurse Residency Program.You have successfully submitted your application. If you are selected to move forward in the application process, you will be contacted directly via email by the Recruitment department on or before November 30, 2017. "

    I thought I had already submitted it about month ago? lol... does this mean they actually looked at it now....?
  2. by   chocolatebuns
    Yes, got the email earlier but the link says the page cannot be displayed.
  3. by   Heather22RN
    Quote from chocolatebuns
    Yes, got the email earlier but the link says the page cannot be displayed.

    Hmmmnot sure what we can do about that
  4. by   PinkEagle
    I'm so confused about the self-identification page you all are referring too! I Already filled mine out at the end of the application and I got a confirmation email when I applied on 10/25. On 11/2 my application changed to "under consideration".
  5. by   sarahcharlie
    Have people contacted HR? I just got the message today. You cannot email the address back but I am unsure how to report to them the address is not working.
  6. by   RN_RGR
    I received the same email for "invitation to self-identify." It clearly states "PLEASE NOTE - COMPLETION OF THIS FORM IS VOLUNTARY." And furthermore it states "if you elect not to complete this information this will not affect your candidacy for the position you are applying for." I don't understand what all the confusion is about lol. And yes, when I clicked the link to fill out the information it led me to nowhere as well. Just be patient and things will work out.
  7. by   Sewells09
    Here here to the HR email. I just left it.
  8. by   Sewells09
    Also--I received an email that they will be contacting applicants by Nov 30th if they want to move forward with us.
  9. by   aimee.janell
    I got a call yesterday (November 14th) for an interview for the MICU at Sharp Grossmont.
  10. by   Sewells09
    Thant is great! Anyone else apply to the MICU--I applied to the adult progressive care unit. anyone from PCU get a call??
  11. by   Salsacat
    Any calls from Chula Vista (obgyn)?
  12. by   junepearl
    I forgot which unit I selected
  13. by   NurseNat17
    Anyone get a call from PCU at memorial??