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Ok- We all talked about how we would reward ourselves after school, but who really did it? And what did you do? I have bought several things from eBay including a "new" set of flatware. ;) Also,... Read More

  1. by   Pixie.RN
    Gives you some perspective, right? I became an RN in 2008 and got a job right away (I was a tech in an ER, and my job offer was this: "We're not letting you leave," ha ha), but there were no bonuses to be had. However, I was lucky enough to be sent to an ER nursing fellowship that I'm sure came out of our department's budget in some way. So the investment in my success was enough of a bonus!

    Really makes you appreciate some things, doesn't it?
  2. by   escapebigd
    Wow! I'm scared I won't be able to find a job when I get out of school! Are sign on bonuses still around for experienced nurses?