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  1. I failed boards with 75 questions. I cried my eyes out last night. I am a LPN for six years, finished nursing school and yet failed the RN boards. First exam i ever failed in my life, or even got a bad grade. I am 51 maybe my study skills are wrong for this. Any advise would be so appreciated. Took boards in PA. Thanks!
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  3. by   suzanne4
    Did you use any of the study guides for review? If you did not, I would highly recommend that you purchase one as soon as possible and begin reviewing. How you take a test has nothing to do with how you will be as a nurse. Especially this one................You made it through school and they graduated you as a G.N. They wouldn't if they didn't think that you could do it. Start with studying the review questions, look at the answers, but also pay close attention to why the incorrect answers were deemed wrong.

    The get up and sign up to take the test again, but right now just take a few days for yourself...........
  4. by   lady_jezebel
    I agree. You've worked too hard to give up now. Go to Barnes and Noble, buy one or two NCLEX study guides (WITH CD-rom practice questions), and start studying NOW while the questions are fresh. Consider the first time simply a "trial run", a time for you to see how the test is structured and what it's all about. Some people take tests like this intentionally, so that they know how/what to study. Study daily in short spurts, and take all the practice tests on the CD-rom, since they mimic the style of questions seen on the NCLEX.

    Your latest score will make zero difference in the long run, and 3 months until a re-test is very little time to wait. Please be strong & do what you have to do. Everything will work out just fine. REMAIN STRONG AND FOCUSED!
  5. by   liddle
    Butwipe- SO SORRY to hear your bad news. My test shut off at 75 too and am scared to death. When did you take the test? How long did it take to get the letter?
    Was it full of priority questions?

    Do what you have to do then get on with it. That's the buck up speech my nursing instructor used to give. What else are you going to do? Give up? I think NOT!!!!!!
  6. by   gij1
    Just begin a organized system to study. Start w/your weak points, make flashcards for typical drugs & all labs. Complete 100's and 100's of NCLEX practice questions. I liked Kaplan online, expensive, but gave me tons of lectures, 1000's of questions. Keep us posted on how you are doing. We are all behind you.
  7. by   whinnymay
    Kaplan online is excellent, and ya only have to wait 45 days to re-test in PA. I know, because my first time around, I failed the boards with 265 questions. I took the test 45 days later and got 75 questions. Kaplan online worked for me. Trust me, this feeling you have will pass. Good luck to you
  8. by   chris_at_lucas_RN
    I am 51 maybe my study skills are wrong for this.
    That's not it (check out my age hon-- ). You passed your courses in nursing school, or you wouldn't have been sitting for the NCLEX.

    Get the review books, find someone else to study with, and enroll in a course. Do whatever it takes.

    If you were anxious during the NCLEX, spend some time learning some anti-anxiety skills as well.

    There's a whole world out there that needs nurses like us. Don't even think of quitting!!!!