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I made an 88 on the last exam and I am pregnant and I do have that decent grade, I am not failing, but these last weeks before I graduate feel as though I am in a torture chamber. Maybe because I... Read More

  1. by   geekgolightly
    you made a C and you got in a masters program? for some reason i thought i wouldn't be allowed in a masters program if i ever made anything less than a B.
  2. by   KarenAR
    Ohhhhhhh, this is TOTALLY and COMPLETELY me right now. I think it is exacerbated by the following facts:

    1. I'm in an accelerated program, which means you have to deal with the crap flying at super-high speeds...

    2. I'm married with two kids, which means that it is even harder to keep up with the crap flying at super-high speeds...

    3. I'm doing my last clinical in my weakest and LEAST FAVORITE area (an adult medical floor) just to strengthen that area before I finish...

    4. I am moving out of state right after graduation so it is all the more difficult to focus on schoolwork...would much rather be packing boxes etc. ....

    5. I graduate August 10, which means that my last few weeks of school also happens to be the time of year that I would really rather be at the neighborhood pool...and the time of year when everyone else seems to be taking time off for FUN stuff...

    AARRGGHH! I feel your pain....
  3. by   Rapheal
    Oh yes the last few weeks, months are the hardest. Congratulations on your pregnancy. So much is going on for you right now. The way you feel is normal. Good luck and keep us posted.
  4. by   MelRN13
    DX: Senioritis secondary to pre-graduation.

    We all have been through it. I was the same way. In my leadership class, I took the easy way out, and took a B. I could have done the paperwork for an A, but I was just too lazy.
  5. by   geekgolightly
    i'm about with you, telenurse. i have an 89 in my clinical and I think if I did an extra care plan that would impress my clinical instructor (we are only required to do two full care plans this semester and then four short ones) and she would be more inclined to increase my daily grade such that i could get an A. But my GOD! those care plans take twleve hours to complete and we are only allowed to visit the site the day before clinical which means I am up for twenty four hours before my clinical day and I just don't wanna *whine whine*

    So I think I will be receiving a B in clinicals this smester. Ah well. such is the life.

    Rapheal, thank you so much for the congrats! I am so excited about having a baby. This will be my first.
  6. by   TinyNurse
    been there and done that just last month as a matter of fact.
    My son is three, so kudos to you finishing up while you are pregnant!!!!
    the last month/quarter is so hard/exciting/ scarey/ interesting all wrapped up into one so what you are feeling is normal.
    I myself wasted time on this site, and others just finding inspiration to complete my last quarter of school.
    I finally just "did the work" ( my last quarter was psych) even if i did it a day before, or two days before it was due, I still got it done i figured.
    You can do it, you've already made it so far!!! Plus you are gonna have a baby soon, imagine how much your little one will look up to you!!!
    I'm positive you can do it, prioritize baby prioritze!!!

  7. by   CarolinaGrl
    I am doing exactly what so many of you have said you did - I have a paper due tomorrow but here I am wasting time on this site insead of finishing it. The end cannot come quickly enough!! I know that I will pass everything, but it would be so disappointing to mess up my grades for which I have worked so hard this late in the game. (Keep chanting that to motivate myself....)
  8. by   geekgolightly

    get off the internet and get to work!

    *as she sits wasting time*

    well im glad im in good company at least. i am ok with getting two B's this last semester, i have decided. im just not gonna bust my butt when i feel so tuckered out and anxious. ill do what i can and thats good enough.

    tell us when you finish your paper and whats it about?
  9. by   KarenAR
    CarolinaGrl and I are in the same class! Just "ran into each other" on this discussion!

    Our paper is on a family assessment and intervention we've done this summer, and it counts for 25% of our course grade.

    Some phrases from the assignment description (I would love to know if the jargon used at other schools is as bad as this...):

    "The student now is expected to have both a broad AND in-depth focus on client problems - thus, the student recognizes the interrelationships of problems AND interventions, hoping to maximize efficiency and efficacy by choosing interventions that achieve gains (or minimize risks) across the client's problems."

    "The assessment should elicit the family's story of the illness, the anticipated trajectory of the illness, and its impact on the family. Be sure to include all factors such as gender, physical ability, age, race, ethnicity and cultural. Include the patient's and your definition of family. Prioritize the family's problems - actual and potential. Describe differences in prioritization of problems by other family members. Describe differences in prioritization by family and yourself. What communication strategies did you use to assess and implement with the family."

    "Choose one problem (a complex problem by virtue of the: # of etiologies, key variable of time in its detection, implementation, & evaluation of outcomes; and interrelationships of this problem with other client problems) for which nursing and the student assumed significant responsibility in working with the client and actual delivery of intervention(s). The problem and nursing approach reflects an important component of the student's developing framework for practice. Your interventions need to be described in detail, demonstrating your understanding of the uniqueness of this family. Also describe your active collaboration with the healthcare team in meeting the need of the family."

    We are also supposed to follow up with the family with a phone call or home visit, and then present our project as a poster presentation (including a "map" of the client's problems and our interventions) on the 24th.
  10. by   geekgolightly
    oh yikes! good luck with that. i cant believe im complaining. i forgot how yucky papers are until i read all of that. i dont have to do a paper this semester. WHEEW