No experience, no job. What will happen in two years?

  1. Hi, everyone. I was wondering if a graduate nurse is not able to find a job lets say in two years, will she or he be ever able to be hired as a nurse? I am getting really scared. Some of the people commented that after six months of graduation, if you are still on the market the chances of finding a job is close to zero. Please, post a comment.
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  3. by   caliotter3
    Just like with the NCLEX, if you continue to try, eventually you will be successful. People find work when they widen their geographical search area. There was one person who posted about her herculean efforts, (several hundred resumes sent out), and how she finally got a job. It can be done.
  4. by   NeoNurseTX
    It's possible I started in Jan after a May graduation. Sometimes life happens!
  5. by   play4lock
    i hope the job will happen eventually, I just hit my 6 month mark and it still isn't looking good. its just scary as a new grad right now
  6. by   guiltysins
    I don't think that's true. There are people that have gone a year not working. You just have to go with the flow of the job market. Relocate if you must.
  7. by   biju27
    Thanks to all for the reply. I've send so many resumes but I did not get even a single response back. I found a job in healthcare that is not related to nursing but has a good pay. I really don't know what to do. I am a widow with two kids and I can't stay without a job even a single day. However, I am scared that if I accept the job I will never have the chance of working as a nurse. What should I do? Please, help.
  8. by   caliotter3
    Take the job so that you can support your family. You can find other options for nursing. Sign up with a home health or staffing agency to work on weekends or on your days off. Sign on per diem or part time with any employer. It can be done. If you are offered a job with good pay, you should go with it. You need to take care of your kids and yourself. Nursing will always be there.
  9. by   sscher
    so, i really hope you are right that i will eventually find a job, I have only been jobsearching for 3 months, feels like a year, and have widened my geographic area to include 3/4 of the US and still have only gotten one interview and one phone screen. I am extremely frustrated and worry that i will never find a job, and obviously the thought of the chances i will get a job decreasing with every day that ticks by is immensely scary, but i just wanted to say that casting a wide net in my jobsearch has only added to my frustration. It is unbelieveable that I have done all I can, I have not limited my search in any way as far as type of unit, shift or even state and i graduated with honors and have five nursing references and still no luck, so as my optimism dwindles I hope you are right that odds are I will get a job, but at this point i think it is highly unlikely!

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  10. by   Eiano
    It's true about Nurse Managers and Hiring Managers looking down on you for not having a job within x # of months after graduation. I spoke with a NM on Thursday and we were talking about the "New Grad Crisis" and she said,

    "I feel bad for them, but what am I going to do?" So... I would suggest applying any and everywhere you can to get your foot in the door!
  11. by   LifelongDream
    The scariest thing about the new grads not being able to get hired without experience is that when the baby boomers start retiring and the economy picks back up, we are going to need those nurses and they may be gone into other professions!

    Have you thought about Industrial health nursing? School Nursing? Just some suggestions!