new nurse neds help getting back on her feet

  1. To everyone out there who has ever felt like a total failure, let me join the crowd. I am a new RN, just passed boards in June. Took the first job I could on a small med/surg floor. The beginning was good...only having 2-3 pts a day while with my preceptor. Then, things went horribly wrong. I felt really confident about coming off of preceptorship, and had some great pts. Some even wrote letters to my boss telling how wonderful I was. But then I had a couple of bad days, forgot to hang an antibiotic, forgot to change a colostomy, and miss evaluated a critically ill pt. A lot of the problems were because of bad shift reports, but mostly it was because I just didn't know what too do next, or how to juggle 6 pts, 4 admits, and all this on top of not having a tech to help with baths, bed/brief changes, vitals, and blood sugars. I asked for help, but was told everyone (including the charge nurse) wass too busy to help. Finally, I put in for a transfer to another dept. Two days later, I was fired. Supposedly I was too slow, and didn't have adequate crital thinking skills. My locker was already cleaned out before I even got to the meeting! Now, I'm scared to try again. I have always dreamed of finally being a nurse, but now I feel like it was all for nothing. What if I get fired again? I know in my heat that I did everything to the best of my ability...but what if my ability just isn't good enough.
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  3. by   augigi
    If your ability wasn't good enough, you would not have passed nursing school and NCLEX. You have the knowledge, now you just need the practice and confidence!! Nursing school prepares you for entry as a BEGINNER RN!! You're not meant to know everything, that is what graduate nurse programs are for.

    I feel you were badly treated by your past employer - counselling and assistance can help you become a great nurse! But that's their loss.

    Moving forward, get a job somewhere you can feel comfortable. Maybe it's another hospital, with a structured graduate or orientation program. Get in writing what will constitute readiness to come out on your own. There are so many areas of nursing, you are sure to find your niche.

    Good luck, and keep your chin up. We all go through it, and with some support and preceptorship you will work out fine!
  4. by   sunshineonleith
    just wanted to let you know that you're not alone, and that this is not the end of things.

    nursing is hard work, and getting into the swing of things is even harder. you can get back into it! think of how far you've come - you may have a long way to go still, but you've done so much! you can accomplish anything.
  5. by   DolphinRN84
    All the best to you! You are definitely better off at another place. Hopefully you can get all the support you need. Don't give up!
  6. by   GrnHonu99
    Wow dont feel bad. It wasnt your fault. No one should expect a new grad to deal that way. Help should always be available! The second someone refused to help lme they would have received my letter of resignation. My floor manager told me the other day in response to me saying: how bout I never come off orientation, I kinda like
    he says: dont worry, when you do come off orientation, you are never alone, we are always here to help you

    that sho uld be the attitude you get! There are good places out there trust me! Good luck!
  7. by   Tweety
    Good luck to you. I'm sorry you're going through this.
  8. by   ChuckieRN
    Hi SchizoDsy,
    I am curious about a couple of things...How long was your orientation? Did you have more than 2-3 pts before going off of orientation? Please let me know. You will get through this and find an environment that is more supportive to new grads. Get back on the horse. Best wishes.