New nurse, forgetting what I learned in school

  1. I am a new grad working on a busy med-surg floor. I often find that i am forgetting what I have learned back in school..(patho) i feel like it might be that I am so overwhelmed at work? Has anyone had this problem? Do you pick it up again once you work a while? Any advice on a good way to review?
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  3. by   jadelpn
    Once you get your groove down, it WILL come back to you. If you are unsure about anything, ASK. If you don't know something, look it up--sometimes you read a sentence or 2 of what something is and how it is treated, and then it all comes flooding back--a nurses AHA moment.
    You know more than you think you do. Be conciensious, be organized, and DEEP breath, you got this!
  4. by   Hygiene Queen
    Jadelpn is right.
    It will come flooding back.
    Sometimes I will ask another nurse and they can say just one word and I'm like "oh yeeeeaaaaah... it's because of such and such and that's why blah blah blah happens..."

    I would also recommend studying on your own time.
    It's much more fun to do this now, as opposed to when you were a student.
    I do this a lot with meds. If I don't know a med, of course I look it up quickly to see what it's for, side effects and interactions. When I get home, I can spend more time reading about how it works (which often leads me down the road to reviewing some patho).

    Also, if a pt asks you something you aren't sure you know or remember, you can search for that info from a reliable online source (i.e. Micromedix, Lexicomp) and print that out and go over it with your pt. They get their answer and you get a quick review.

    There is so much going on at work that it is easy to have massive brain farts. Do the best you can while you are at work to stay organized (use a brain sheet-- I mean really use it), prioritize, and take frequent deep breaths to recenter yourself. Ask questions, look things up and spend some time at home giving yourself a little free education.

    I look back on my day, think about where I was lacking most and focus on that.
    It really boosts my confidence to do this and a boost in confidence really helps me to get through the shift.

  5. by   Orange Tree
    I have no problem opening a med/surg book right at work when I need to. And for some things, google works well too.
  6. by   LadyFree28
    I usually study in my days off...I've had to unearth a few of my study cards...that's what I have been doing...I'm in critical care. New grad nursing, no matter where you go can be a HUGE learning curve. Good luck!!! Know that you are certainly not alone!