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Hi there! First let me say this is my first thread but through the last three years of nursing school I have read several threads that answered questions I had. So thanks to all of you that ask... Read More

  1. by   Platypus
    Check the board of nursing first for a license search. Came up the morning following my exam when I passed!
  2. by   KYTinaMarie
    My results still aren't available through Pearson. I've been checking continously and still nothing. I'm going to pay the pay $ 7.95 to check online but it still isn't an option yet.
    I also have the second window open to the KBN to see if my results are posted. But still nothing. The waiting is worse then boards were
    As soon as I find out I will let ya'll know!
  3. by   KYTinaMarie
    i passed my boards! just found out this morning!
    woo hoo!<--- me doing the happy dance
  4. by   SlightlyMental_RN
    i'm so happy for you!! wish me luck for monday!
  5. by   KYTinaMarie
    I wish you more then luck! I wish you every success that is coming your way. You will do great!<--- happy dance for the boards you are getting ready to pass!
  6. by   Journey_On

    You're a !
  7. by   Journey_On
    Quote from Jen_the_RN2B
    Wish me luck for Monday!
    I hope that your studying goes well this weekend, and I wish you the very best!
  8. by   Platypus
    good luck on monday!
  9. by   heather092800
    Hope you did well....
  10. by   heather092800
    Oh sorry...wrong post...
  11. by   SlightlyMental_RN
    took my boards today--it shut off at 75 questions, so i'm hoping that that's a good thing. they were freakin' hard!!! i swear, i felt emotionally and intellectually battered after that. blech!

    i'll let you all know on wednesday what my results were....
  12. by   SlightlyMental_RN
    i passed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!! wooooooohooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. by   Journey_On
    Congratulations, Jen! Now you're Jen_the_RN!!