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  1. by   DoGoodThenGo
    Quote from CapeCodMermaid
    Why are nursing new grads any different from any other group of new grads? Lots of newly graduated people are having a hard time finding a job in this economy.
    One of the reasons nursing school grads are different from others is most if not all plan or want to say right where they are, that in in their local area. Unlike say grads in business, law, pre-med, and so forth who often may not even be from the same state or local area where they went to college.
  2. by   elprup
    Thank you so much. Finally! I hope the truth gets out.
  3. by   sappergirl
    I think this is a great story. But one thing I hope the reporter will do when gathering all of this information or anyone that responds to the reporter will give some geographical information. At least the state they are in to help everyone know where the trouble areas are and where the successful areas are. I will be graduating in July and hope and pray I don't have the trouble so many are having. Good luck to everyone!
  4. by   metal_m0nk
    Quote from DoGoodThenGo
    IMHO what you describe is not a shortage of nurses but chronic short staffing.
    What I was describing was a shortage of nurses actually doing the nursing *because* of chronic short staffing, not a shortage of potential nurses sitting at home waiting for a job lead.

    I thought that was pretty clear.
  5. by   armywife80
    Any chance future posters on this topic would feel comfortable including their region/state/closest city with their story?? I'm sure I can't be the only student nurse lurking on this thread and holding my breath!
  6. by   perioddrama
    Quote from elprup
    Thank you so much. Finally! I hope the truth gets out.
    Like The X-Files: The Truth is Out There.
  7. by   NewNurse2013
    where do you live mmgirlsmom?
  8. by   serene_grace
    I live in Southern California (Inland Empire to be exact), and graduated from an LVN program March 2012. Got my license July 2, 2012 and got a job July 31, 2012. Only reason I got a job was the ADON had contacted our Director about a job opening and the Director sent an email to to the new graduating classes. Not sure if I was the first to respond, but I was the only one from my school that was hired at that facility. Only bad thing is I have a 45 minute drive to work.

    Word of advice, esp. to new LVN/LPN grads: dress nicely (business casual) and actually walk into the facility to get an application. I turned in at least 10 applications online and actually walking in was what got me a job. Yes, I work at a LTC facility, but I know the local hospital doesn't want me without any experience. If you can, work as a CNA for a few months to help you get your foot into the door. People who previously worked as a CNA were more likely to get a job, opposed to those with no experience - this is pertaining to people that graduated from the same program that I did. We are a small private program and graduated with a class of 20 or so. I can honestly say that maybe half of us have jobs as an LVN.
  9. by   krazievi3t6url
    I completed this survey! So glad we have the opportunity as new graduates to be heard! I graduated May 2012, licensed in June. I've been searching for a little over 9 months now...and it is just getting more and more difficult to be optimistic.

    I graduated w/ a BSN, honors, and over 5 years of healthcare experience and still unable to land a job as a new graduate...In the first few months I was really getting depressed...but kept telling myself that there are other new graduates that have it worse. At least I had a job and it's in the medical field...

    I've landed several interviews here and there but nothing came from them (as of yet). I'm praying for a better year. My fellow new graduate nurses I feel your pain!!!
  10. by   ughhmehh
    Quote from Belle Morte
    I just graduated in December, and have a job already. All I have to do is pass boards. And I had no insider help-i didn't know somebody at this hospital. In fact lots of my school buddies already have jobs and we are all still waiting to take boards. I wish everyone's story turned out this way.
    Where do you live?
  11. by   amigojack
    Not only in the USA but also in other countries. I am nurse from the Philippines who will be moving to New Zealand for better opportunities. Good luck to our careers fellow nurses. Have a great day
  12. by   Esme12
    Please don't forget to fill out the questionnaire!!!! Get your stories out there!!!!!!!!! Let's be counted!

    New Grad Nurses struggling to find job - CNN Reporter wants to hear from you

    Are you a new grad struggling to find a job? A CNN reporter wants to hear about your challenges. Click here to relate your experience.
  13. by   amygarside
    It is time for the new grads to shine, hope to be able to read more about you!