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  1. Would any nurses like to share what they write in their daily journals? I'm having trouble with trying to focus on the daily tasks that I come across and documenting it in my personal journal for reference. Thank you.
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  3. by   madwife2002
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  4. by   MissM.RN
    WHY oh why is "journaling" a new thing in nursing? I find keeping your feelings and opinions to yourself is a lost art. I can't believe your employer (let alone nursing schools) is making people do this. Here's what I would write every day: "thank you, Hospital X, for hiring me". Here's what I would want to write every day: "wow, Dr. So-and-So is an idiot" or "these new dansko's are really tight"

    Best of luck to you, and congrats on being a new grad with a job
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  5. by   Belle7788
    Im a new grad in an icu and have never heard of this? its hard enough trying to keep track of the bazillion things you gotta document plus you gotta turn in a personal journal?? O_O
  6. by   Dexterosa
    Is it that sort of management bs? Yes, give us your feedback, so you feel better and we still couldn't care less, lol sort of thing? Oh, but girl now you write too much into bull eye... hmmm, becoming too dangerous...
    You can be smartie pants and write something like I am still so overwhelmed, trying to focus on my tasks and not making a mistake, not to mention skip something in charting, and attend my patients, that I am not able to keep track of the events to put them in journal oooooh
    Or you can be just the sweet silly gal, writing that yay, I successfully pleased patient by bringing him his favorite sort of Kuala Lumpur coffee brand from the shop on the other side of the city! We sure will get great survey ! Successfully conquered the art of mixing drips! Oh, the challenges of seriously ill patient, oh the challenges of families visiting and crying - how to successfully comfort them. The nursing school did not prepare me for such an emotional challenge...
    Or I am still working on how to efficiently advocate for patient!
    As Miss RN said about... it is the art! keep certain things and feeling to yourself. I wish I would have master it!