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  1. Hi, a am newly graduate since last two month ago, Dec 06. Back then I cannot decide whether I should apply for a grad nurse or just focus on study the board. but now I am feel like I want to apply for a grad nurse. If I apply now, are the employer still consider that I am a new grad? since it is now Feb., they may no longer do oreintation. Or I should focus on the board? For example if I get my RN, am I gonna get train similar to GN, 3 Month?
    did some of you guys experience the same as me, skip GN and get RN?
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  3. by   Paleobug
    Before I graduated last May, I already had a job lined up. In my state, upon graduation, you're issued a temporary license for three months. However, I couldn't start working until I passed NCLEX and got my license. So, after I graduated, I prepared for NCLEX, finally passed, and went to work. Most places will give you a 3 months preceptorship with another nurse.
  4. by   Lindsay42
    I graduated in Dec 06 too. I applied and started orientation on Jan. 22 and I take the NCLEX-RN on Feb. 13th. Most places will be glad to hire you BEFORE you pass the NCLEX
  5. by   rags
    I'm not sure I really understand your question ...

    Deciding to be either a GN or RN is not really something you can do other than if you are thinking... "Do I want to work while I am studying to take the NCLEX"? Is that what you are asking? I think the grad school decision thrown in there is what is making it difficult for me to understand. Either way you will have an orientation period because you WILL be a new nurse even if you never work as a GN. Where I work the GN and orientation period over lap each other if you pass the NCLEX the first time and within the 3 months your GN license is good for.

    In my state (and I have read not all states do this it seems) when you apply for your ATT to be allowed to take the NCLEX you are also issued a GN License. You can work under that license for either 3 months or until you have successfully passed the NCLEX (at which time you get your RN license) or until you DON't pass the NCLEX (at which time you lose your GN license anyway).

    I worked as a GN straight out of nursing school. I did not pass the NCLEX the first time and had to obtain a CNA license until I did. My employer was wonderful and my position I was hired for (as an RN) was still mine until I finally passed it on the 3rd try. If I had it to do all over again I would have done it differently. I would have graduated, studied, tested then found a job. There was a lot of extra stress added to my testing in my situation even though my employer looked at it as "just a matter of time till I passed". The stress was more from me thinking, "what will the other nurses at work think of me as a safe nurse if I can't pass the NCLEX?" and "How long will my position remain mine if I don't get my license this time?" and "if I don't pass this I have to still go back to work and face everyone". These thoughts when going in to test were difficult to remove from my mind and I know they had an impact on my testing.

    The decision is completely yours and only you will know what you want to do in your heart. I don't regret the experience I received as a GN or a CNA prior to obtaining my RN license but I know I would have most likely received it sooner had I focused on only the NCLEX right out of school.

    Either decision you make will be right for you in the end and you will do just fine. Good luck and stay focused!

  6. by   cardiac.cure03
    I chose to do the grad nurse thing right after graduation (only in Ohio, it's called a "grad tech"). But I graduated this past Nov, became a grad nurse then, and passed boards in Dec.

    If you know you're going to be studying for boards for a little while, then I would go ahead and work as a GN. If you feel like you're ready for boards, but can't decide to do the GN role or just go in as a RN, I would just take boards and go in as a RN. You're going to get oriented to the unit and all of that either way. I, personally, chose the GN route so that I could be earning enough money for rent while I was waiting to take NCLEX.

    Good luck to ya in whichever way you decide
  7. by   onduty23
    me i study for my board first. work is distracting. but if you need money and you have good study habits sure go ahead and do gn