NCLEX_RN on 06-23-04

  1. Hey All,
    I take the NCLEX-RN on Wed. 06-23-04. I am so nervous!!! Wish me luck and pray for me!!!!!!
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  3. by   teelaticeNY
    Good Luck!!!!!!! you will do fine. I am taking the LPN boards on Jul 14 so I understand your feeling. We will both go in there feeling competent and with god on our side.

    "Can't wait til its over Dec 04 RN 2 be"
  4. by   Ari RN
    Good Luck saGARCIA!!!

    Keep the faith...... You will do great..... Just 2 more days and it will finally be OVER.

    Let us know how it went.
  5. by   Anniekins
    Good luck to you, my fellow OHIO-AN!!! I took the NCLEX-RN here in Ohio last week and passed at 75 ?'s. It really was not all that bad!

    I'll be thinking of ya! Keep us posted!!!
  6. by   Love-A-Nurse
    yes, i will pray. you will do it!