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Doesn't anyone here love being a nurse in the first year? I do!! I worked really hard for this, I've been coming to allnurses for a long time and therefore knew what I was getting myself into. I do... Read More

  1. by   all4schwa
    Quote from cookiecuc
    I heard that you can not wear lots of makeup while working as a nurse, is that true?
    it's not a good idea, but i see nurses that do it. you shouldn't wear much jewelry either, but you'll still see nurses doing it.
  2. by   augigi
    Quote from cookiecuc
    I heard that you can not wear lots of makeup while working as a nurse, is that true?
    You should adhere to your own facilities dress standard, most of which usually require discreet/professional makeup. I mean, you wouldn't find it very professional to look like a clown, but I've never heard of anyone being told off for wearing regular makeup. Perfume should be avoided or kept minimal as it can irritate colleagues and patients.
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    Quote from cookiecuc
    I heard that you can not wear lots of makeup while working as a nurse, is that true?

    Make-up is so low, low low on my priority list as a new nurse it isn't even funny.

    I'm lucky if I get to pee, so I could care less if I look good while doing the pee-pee dance...
  4. by   all4schwa
    i do feel more confident if i spend time getting ready, putting a little makeup on (3 mintutes, tops) and arrive plenty early.
  5. by   RN and Mommy
    For the most part I really do love it! Although last week I began with 6 patients, 1 post op day 1 who needed to be weaned from PCA, foley out, begin eating a regular diet, start on oral pain pills, 1 new admit at 0800, and 3, yes 3 patients going to surgery, and 2 discharges! It was a crazy day, but I survived!!!
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    Quote from all4schwa
    Doesn't anyone here love being a nurse in the first year? I do!! I worked really hard for this, I've been coming to allnurses for a long time and therefore knew what I was getting myself into. I do have days that don't go so well. There are times I'm on my way home thinking I should have done this or that, or, I'll do it that way next time....
    Of course, my optimistic attitude is probably related to spending six years working in LTC as an aide. Although i'm busy now working as a nurse (i love being busy, the time just flies), I don't break my back and i'm not pouring in sweat from shift start to shift end. I can actually wear makeup to work. And i don't have a sweat rag hanging out of my back pocket!!
    I know its awkward having to ask questions all the time and admit I don't know the stuff that a seasoned nurse probably thinks I should know, but as a new grad I'm entitled to ask questions and recieve valid responses...and I do!!
    Seems like we on these first year of nursing board should be sharing what we learn, tips we pick up along the way and celebrating what we've worked so hard hard to achieve. Instead, It almost seems like every new grad is horrified and feels incompetent!! We weren't supposed to learn everything in school guys, I'm studing in my books or on the net everyday!! I'm learning sooo much, and actually retaining information. In school I felt like I couldn't retain any new knowledge because I never had a chance to apply what I've learned. The OJT sticks with a person, for every mistake that I make I'm confident that I won't let it happen again ....and i move on. Poop happens.

    so what's up? any of you newbies feel the way i do?

    [banana]Find what you love, Love what you find![/banana]

    I do, I do! I love being a nurse. My first year, or first four months have been going great. NOt to say I don thave my bad days bc I do! But I am coming along! IVe learned more out of school than in school. Ok, well let me rephrase. I did awesome in school, did my best ya know? I have never felt like i've known close to enough though, but I don think you are supposed only gives you the tools to do well in the real world.

    20 realizations i've come to in my *ahem* short time being an RN in the ICU.

    1. You dont know everything. You wont ever know everything and if you think you do, well thats when you need to worry. The more you know the more you realize you dont know.

    2. BREATHE! exhale! It's ok to make mistakes. We all do. It's how we learn. Just remember to be safe and hopfully your mistakes won't harm anyone. Trust yourself, go back to your basics!

    3. You can never check your meds enough. Check them two or three times, have a co worker recheck you.

    4. You can never overchart. Chart everything.

    5. When you call a Dr. know: Your pts history, what you want, why you want it...etc. be concise and to the point. Hi my name is___, Im taking care of ____ on in x room. The problem I am having is with the pts heart rate, she is in A-fib. I've sent x labs, printed a rhythm strip and applied O2 via mask. Would you like me to order x drug?

    The docs are super busy and love when you have specifics ready to go. This is something I struggle with as a new grad (talking to docs can be scary!)

    6. Never take apart the A-Line contraption without first letting the pressure out of the bag....

    7. Watch where you are walking...cords can sure trip you up.

    8. Always always keep the gaurd rails up on the bed...always expect the unexpected..prevent accidents

    8.5 Check and recheck your IV rates and the bags you hang. 5 rights of medication. I could see myself programming 20 ml/hr instead of 2! That would be bad so I check and recheck....

    9. Labs...check labs, they are important. Know your drugs. Know what drugs drop blood pressure!

    10. No shame in aksing TONS of questions..better to ask then make a mistake

    11. Never let your pt. know that you have NO idea what you are doing. People read your body language. Even when I totally have no clue what Im doing I try to make my pt think that I do.

    12. Keep your good habits from nursing school.

    13. BE CAREFUL WITH NEEDLES! Always be conscious of needles. Use needless at all times if poss. Ive had more than one poke already and it's scary~

    14. For goodness sakes, dont talk about a pt. in front of a pt. I see nurses, DRs lots of people do this and I think its sooo wrong.

    15. Relax and know that it takes time to know what you are doing and you cant rush it. There is nothing you can do to gain experience but hang in there and just do it! Youll get there, we all will.

    16. Take it day by day. Learn from your mistakes.

    17. Find your own niche, experiment with tasks to find out what works best for you and what saves time! Try not to retrace your steps but dont feel bad if you have to for awhile, im still doing it...but day after day im getting better!
    tip: if you are going to CT or MRI, change your bed linens while your pt. is there..its so much faster than trying to do an in the bed change!

    18. Save your back! Ask for help bathing, moving...etc plus its more fun and passes the time quicker

    19. Advocate for your pt. I know, sounds cliche, but really, as a new grad it is so easy to get swept up in the hustle and bustle, easy to get pushed around...just remember to be there for your pt. Think of what it would be like if that were you in that would be.

    20. Enjoy your first year it's exciting!
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    thanks heaps for that elkmnin06. whilst it is different in australia, my 2nd rotation is in icu and im apprehensive. you just re-iterated all those points i have been telling myself since i found out i was going to the icu (a lot of my gfs applied and didnt get it, i applied for oncology and got that along with icu cos of my experience, and since i knew ppl had been knocked back from icu i was shocked). ill be sure to re-read those after those crocky shifts that come up.
    thanks again.
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    Quote from CoopergrrlRN
    I am enjoying my first six months, I can't believe I have officially gone from a level 1 nurse to a level 2 nurse lol. The hardest adjustment for me was not the job, just getting used to working full time again was difficult. Now tho, its evening out and even tho I still get really tired now and then, I feel that my nursing practice is really shaping up. I am comfortable enough to relax a little, share a joke with a coworker or doctor, and realize that I am capable of doing this job!
    Hello all.
    Exuse my ignorance, what is a level 1 and 2 nurse?
    I have just done my first 3 days of orientation and so far I love it. It is such a relief that it wasn't as bad as I imagined. After reading a lot of negative threads on this otherwise superb forum site I got really scared. I didn't think there was much positive at all about being a nurse. I understand that it is important to ventilate bad experiences, but fresh nurses must learn how to filter information and realize that it can add to their apprehension and make them more nervous.
    I really like the people I work with and my mentor is really good. Some people can be rough around the edges, but I can just ignore it. One LPN with 100+ years experience wanted to have something to nail me for, so she complained that I left my waterbottle on the nursing stations desk when I got off my shift Big deal!
    I am going to try my best to become a really good nurse and stay away from the gossip that inevitably is going on.
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    Happy to hear your happy experience.
  10. by   Lilnurse0803
    To the OP and all others that had the same sentiments, what a wonderful thread. It's great to see that the first year of nursing is not always pure hellish torture. Sure, there are days when you do things that make others cringe or are walking around unsure if you should be a nurse, but it's the beauty of being new and learning our profession. We all have to start at the bottom and learn, learn, learn to become experienced. This is true of all jobs, the only difference being that our job is very important and lives depend on it.

    I just graduated from nursing school and am thrilled beyond words to start my nursing career. Although I just started studying for my NCLEX, I plan to start submitting applications to hospitals in my area. I am so ready for whatever nursing has to send my way. Of course, they always say that the best things in life are the hardest earned things; this includes nursing.

    Best of luck to all my fellow nurses and God bless you.

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