k now its every morning from 730-11 i want to quit! lol

  1. ok i went from having a really bad day on week three of making some mistakes and wanting to quit ...till realizing i feel this way every morning i work. I feel like i am never gonna get all this done! I have 3-4 patients and i am so overwhelmed with it all. And my preceptor is big on time management and always reminds me about the time its taking me. I totally get why and appreciate it but in head i like i cant go any faster and i am a total reck. I am doing my best and i cant do this i am gonna quit. But as the morning wears on i stop to think about how much i have learned i am ok.

    my paper i carry around is a total mess by the time i give report. I have a hard time getting a flow of my report and my paper doesn't help. I feel so disorganized and have no idea how to fix it. Is this how its gonna be forever? will i ever have a good flow of passing out meds and keeping on task? The documenting is a whole issue itself! How do i find the time to document everything and see my patients are clean, feed and medicated? we do electronic charting and i try to do it quickly but some times i start and get called away and dont finish, or have no idea what i saw now that its 3 hrs later!
    my preceptor is always saying do you do this dont forget to do this, are you aware of what time it is, did u document yet? ugggh i could scream. I really just dont see what i could do better. I am trying my best! At one point i was told to walk faster!!!!!!!***=(
    HOW AM I GONNA MAKE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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  3. by   CrufflerJJ
    One step at a time.....
  4. by   hikernurse
    Like Cruffler said, start with one thing at a time .

    For report, take good notes on your report sheet. Copy that and use the copy as a "scribble" copy. If there's something that needs to be put on your report sheet, add it to both the report sheet as well as your scribble copy.

    Make it a point to timely chart--it's hard to take time to write things down when you're still overwhelmed with your tasks, but it makes all the difference in the world.

    Talk to your preceptor. Maybe you'd be better off taking a little longer on orientation and going a little slower. I've precepted a lot of people and some catch on very quickly and some need a little more time.

    This is kind of silly, but you may be moving slower than normal because you're dithering around trying to decide what to do--that isn't a slam, when you're new and overwhelmed, every task seems equal in priority and it's hard to know which way to turn when there is so much to be done. Been there, done that . You'll get there. Just take it one shift at a time.
  5. by   NC Girl BSN
    Hang in there! I am in orientation and have 5 more shifts and then I am on my own. Your never gonna do it as fast as your preceptor during the orientation. It makes me nervous when they are constantly reminding me to do stuff. Most of the stuff sometimes you know to do it but they just don't give you time to do it. They all tell me that it will get better but I feel on edge at all times. Maybe things will be better when I am off orientation. As far as giving report, I am strugglin with that too. My report sheet is always a mess but I try to take the last 30 minutes of the shift to recopy all the important stuff to make it flow better.
  6. by   earned RN 2008
    hey there....take it easy on yourself. i'm over half-way through my first year on a med/surg floor at our local hospital and i still have many shifts where i feel overwhelmed.
    when i trained for the rn position as a new grad i orientated with several different rn's that worked on the floor w/ varying years of experience. i could see how they prioritized their tasks, organized/recorded their notes and gave report........then i adopted their style and/or modified it (like underline notes or draw a box to write things that need to be discussed in report) so it works for me. as nervous as i was to be on my own after orientation....it was nice in a way because i didn't have someone asking if this or that was done. keep your preceptors "tips" and "helpful reminders" in the back of your head.......they're just trying to help......but when you're on your own you will create a routine that works for you.......and find out what doesn't work! just remember your routine will always change based on the acuity of your patients, admissions, discharges, etc. very rarely does a shift go as planned........i've learned in med/surg nursing that things are constantly changing & you have to adapt!
    learn to set goals......like have orders double noted before seeing your patients, if working 7p to 7a- have hs meds & treatments completed by 9pm and aim to do the first round of charting shortly after 9pm so you can start looking at the kardex's of the pt's you'll pick up at 11pm......if time allows get report early and start assessing the new pt's before the previous shift leaves so they can answer the call lights. (i don't think you said what unit or shift you work though.)
    also, make sure you are delegating tasks to the cna's if your facilitiy uses them. this was hard for me to learn, i didn't want them to think that i was bossy. i find quickly telling the cna what i need to do while they are doing the delegated task helps. then i make sure i thank them for their help at the end of the shift...or when ever appropriate. when time allows i try to help them with their tasks however, being a new rn doesn't allow for much extra time. our nurse manager encourages delegation to the cna's and made the point that they are the ones that (usually) clock out on time.....not left with the amount of charting the rn is responsible for.

    sorry this is long.......but i hope it helps
  7. by   erin01
    Thanks everyone! I am working this morning and hope i will be better. I take it so personal when she starts barking orders at me. I need to remind myself that it only been 4 weeks! Today is the start of my forth week on the floor. I am on a busy med surg floor and i am learning a lot. I am gonna try to go in with a plan today=) sure it wont work but sometime i try to stop and say ok..i am gonna do a then b then c. not sure if it helps but maybe today will be ok=( she often shows me little short cuts but i am so overwhelmed most of the time i dont take them, or see the possibility until its to late. If i am not the most organized person in the world, does it make me a bad rn?
  8. by   chicookie
    No it doesn't make you a bad RN, you just need to focus.
    I also suggest 2 report sheets. One with the actual report and one page with things to do.
    My plan is this: 645 - 730 get report. we do walking rounds, so while I am in there I can see fluids, ask for pain meds, water, I get there at 6:45 so i get a chance to get out 730 meds and give them out as I pass in there rooms, etc. At 7:30 I take out all the meds and put them in their envelopes. If I need to look them up or ask about it then I can. I get the patients that are awake their meds first. When I enter the room I do my assessment, give meds, etc. Usually I am done by 9:30 I take about an hour(usually less) to chart and be sure to be done with my charting by 1030. While I chart I eat a snack. The way I remember to chart is on my second sheet I only write abnormals! At 1030 I do doctors orders, I make sure they are all done. I am pretty caught up with everything by 12. Which I chart my 12. My problems are the afternoon meds but have solved that problem with my second report sheet that I wrote all my med times out.
    Having a plan is good but just be ready to change that plan when something happens.
  9. by   LovePurple
    I saw your title and actually laughed out loud! I just finished up my 3rd week off orientation at my new job... and that is seriously how I feel. When I come out of report... trying to get everyone ready for their procedures and giving morning meds... while discharging or getting new admissions... I hate that morning period!! but as the day goes on, I get in my groove, get to know my pts... It gets a little better. I try to do as much as I can as early as possible so I'm not running around like that alllll day! =) Although that still does happen. As for charting, honestly.. I make that a higher priority. As long as the pts are medicated and stable.. their bathing can wait! I make sure I chart while I have their assessment information still fresh in my head (and down on my notes as well).
    As for report.. I write everything down. Every pt gets their own block and everything that's abnormal with assessment or complaints, or ANY new orders.. I write in their box. That way it can be checked off as it's done and also read off in report. It's all right there together! Best of luck to you!
  10. by   LovePurple
    oh yeah, and one more thing. Carry a scratch piece of paper and as you think of things you need to do.. or daily things that need done... like charting, baths, bed changes, dressing changes, anything..... make a list and mark them off by rooms so you'll know what's done and what's not =)