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  1. I took my first test off the Kaplan disc...and I scored a whopping 59%. This isn't a good sign.
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  3. by   z's playa
    Quote from Headhurt
    I took my first test off the Kaplan disc...and I scored a whopping 59%. This isn't a good sign.
    THe INCLEX test disc? What are you talking about? If that's what you scored...well no its not too good. Study,,study....
  4. by   HillaryC
    Quote from Headhurt
    I took my first test off the Kaplan disc...and I scored a whopping 59%. This isn't a good sign.
    The day before I took the NCLEX, I made a halfhearted attempt at the 7th practice test on the Kaplan question trainer CD (the 265 question one). I got through half the questions with a 31% (roughly 62% if I'd answered all the questions). I had a 74% on the Kaplan diagnostic test and a 75% on the readiness test. Anyway, the day after I got the 62% on the question trainer cd, I passed the NCLEX at 75 questions. Don't let it get you down too much.

  5. by   whinnymay
    on the kaplan trainer cd on test six and seven. I got 75 questions when I took the nclex for the second time. This was the only resource that I used the second time. The first time I took itthe nclex; I literally had 4 sources and I did about 4000 questions. So the Kaplan course really helped me. Good luck to you.
  6. by   TLRN71
    took 75 questions. Did not feel good about many of them- would get down to 2 and take my best stab at an answer- kept thinking that I did not need to get them all right and I would have more questions to answer. i was more worried about running out of time. I about had a MI when it shut off. I have to start orientation for an RN position at 8 am today that I don't think I can actually have.... I'm going crazy!
  7. by   Katnip
    If you're hitting the high 50s and up on the practice questions, you're probably doing well. I took mine last year and did fine on my NCLEX. I think all the practice tests are tougher.
  8. by   RNKITTY04
    ER RN
    You have just written about my worst fear (ok well one of my many anyway) I have a job all lined up for me but am terrified I am not going to pass NCLEX. Than I will have to walk into my dept with my tail between my legs and tell everyone what a big fat LOSER I am.
    Oh Please don't let this happen. I will say a prayer for you, send it back to me ok?
  9. by   hafsa44
    I failed the nclex and on my first try I studied all kinds of nclex review books, every night. My attitude was the one that made me fail it was negative I use to tell myself that I wasn't not going to past so I didn't pass I had 96 question and the whole time I was takening the test my hands were shaking and the anxiety was running high. I was worried about how my other classmates were doing. I was the only one in my class to fail. When I came home I cried but the next day I came up with a strategy I borrowed the money to take a kaplan course and I told myself that I wouldn't tell anyone when I was taken my test except my husband. I didn't talk to anyone for the 2 weeks that I took my course and I did every test on the cd my score were about 68% but that doesn't matter it's you want to know the percentage on the application and analaysis questions. which I think should be 50%. The last day of my kaplan course I ask the instructor how do a person know they are ready and she said that it's not the numbers you get on the cd it's the attitude that you go in the test with it has to be positive. you have to say to yourself that I will pass the nclex and believe that in the body of nursing knowledge that you have. I took my test 2 days after she told me that right on the day my 45days were up and I passed the nclex I went in there and said that I will pass and my goal was to get 75 questions so I took my time and I believed that I could do. What I'm trying to say is that you need to believe in yourself and stay positive you can do.
  10. by   RNKITTY04
    Good post... thanks for the input. I'm not by nature an optimist but I am going to try to go into it with a good attitute.