I finally passed the nclex on my second try!!! - page 2

:rotfl: Im so excited!!!! I've had such a hard time the last few months, and finally my cross is lifted!! I can't wait to finally start working . I do have some worries about getting my skills up.... Read More

  1. by   moninurse
    hi to all,
    thanks for your support. I greatly appreciate it. i thankyou guys for everything you have done for me to keep me feeling like im not alone in a world of new nurses. thanks again, moninurse
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  3. by   nekhismom
  4. by   Tweety
    That's awesome!!!! Congratulations!!!
  5. by   orchid
    :hatparty: congrats....good luck
  6. by   Chrislynn2003
    congrats welcome to nursing

  7. by   hock1
    Congrats to you.