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Hello everyone, I am just curious to find out your state of practice and your starting rate as well as patient ratio. I am in O-Town (Orlando, Florida ) and the starting rate here for GN's is... Read More

  1. by   Nurse_Newbie
    In New Jersey, I started at $32 and they paid $30,000 of my tuition (but I have to work for them for 2 years)
  2. by   youknowho
    San Jose, Ca
    My facility- $37/hr plus $6/hr for night and $1.5/hr for weekends. We are also about to have a pay raise this next paycheck...$2/hr I believe.

    The county hospital starts nurses off at $41/hr plus extra for nights.
  3. by   dorie43rn
    I live in the Western Pa area, and my starting rate was 20.19. I have friends that work at the famous big UPMC hospitals, and their starting rate is 19.00. They can do that because everything in Pittsburgh is basically UPMC, so if you live near Pittsburgh, you have to take what they offer. God nurses deserve so much more!
  4. by   edisongirl25
    I start at $21.27 plus $2.10 shift diff from 3-7p and $5 from 7p-7a and $2 on weekends. I have 4 patients. I will not get more after I pass boards. I will get a $5000 sign on bonus, plus $6000 tuition reimbursement (1/2 after I pass, 1/2 next year) and I had to sign a two year agreement.

    For what it costs to live in SW FL, that is nothing.
  5. by   traumahawk99
    hmm... for some there is despair, for others opportunity. i'm making 27 an hour after the first year. i don't feel at all rained on or cheated.

    my first year in nursing i worked in long term care and i made 100k. not bad. the secret to making money in this business, even as a newbie, is to work nights and be willing to pick up overtime.

    this year i'm cutting back, and i'll only make 80k.... again, it's not bad, especially considering that i'm getting my mba. .

    i think this is a great career full of all sorts of opportunity for those willing to work and learn. yes, it is hard work.
  6. by   KattSRN
    As a new grad in Pasadena, CA , Operating Room, they start me at 23.10 base pay and after 6 months 24.75 - very low for California - but OR is hard to get in I took it. And since it's 1 year training i'll be working mon to fri /8 hours so I don't get night/weekend differential and no 1.5 after 8 hours

    Other hospitals like med/surg unit or DOU offers around $27-30 an hour plus night/weekend differential
  7. by   Lily2011
    Minnesota range for new grad RNs is about $25-29/hr with various shift diffs.
  8. by   superdave
    Northridge Hospital in Northridge CA is $35.55
  9. by   TeleMeMore
    Suburbs of Chicago
    $24 for new grad at my current hospital, however I had 9 months of experience (and I still consider this being a new grad) but since they didn't give me the new grad residency which is a 3 month orientation - they gave me $26.50/hr + 6 week orientation + $3/ hr for evening shift (which is what i work) and $4/hr nights (which is what I will work eventually). $2/hour on weekends. $5/hr extra for incentive shifts.
  10. by   Trilldayz,RN BSN
    Houston, Texas (pretty good cost of living...due to sooo many options). I'm starting nights as an ICU GN at 28.85 hr. That's pretty awesome compared to the other big hospitals that don't pay that high! That doesn't include the weekend/holiday/on call differentials.

    I also went to nursing school in Laredo Texas (by the US/Mex Border) and their hospitals started new grads at 18.50/19.50... it sucks, and Laredo's living standard is higher than Htown. *let's just say that I high tailed it ASAP back home! Lol*
  11. by   ~Mi Vida Loca~RN
    Northern CO is 23 an hr base pay for an associates, the shift differentials vary per health system. I am not sure of the one where I interviewed out but should find out soon if I got the job. I am pretty sure it was a nigh position I applied for. LOL