First Year As A Registered Nurse

  1. This September will complete the first year that I will be working as an RN. I am just curious as to see what everyone else's first year as an RN was like.
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  3. by   meownsmile
    I transitioned from LPN to RN last June. Im still alive i think. It is better and time management goes down the dumper about twice a week but then the late afternoon is worse on our med/surg floor. So if things arent done by about 3,, i may as well plan on staying late to do my notes (12 hour shifts).
    Ive learned a lot,, done fairly well managing the docs and calls, get fair to good cooperation most of the time with delegation tasks. There are still a few that i worked with when i was a LPN that i think have a hard time swollowing that i can delegate to them now and they get stubborn. But ill deal with them.:chuckle
  4. by   Rapheal
    I am halfway through the year mark. Chose a bad hospital to work for because of poor management and it has been hell. Have learned so much and love when I get positive feedback from other nurses and patients.

    Have learned alot more about human nature, have discovered that I have much love and compassion for my patients. This surprised me because I worried I might become impatient or frustrated. I have discovered that I feel no shame in saying " I don't know".

    Have felt the humiliation of being perceived as stupid for not knowing all the things the experienced nurse knows. Have learned that experienced nurses make mistakes in judgement and to listen to my inner voice and to question things that just seem wrong to me.

    With that said; How has your first year went?
  5. by   ERRN5778
    My first year as a RN....
    Well I remember when I first started, I was overwhelmed with taking care of 6 patients (now it's okay). Everyone kept on telling me, "You'll find your routine don't worry..." and I have, I've learned how to prioritize my patients. At first I was really apprehensive about telling, 40 - 50 year women nurses aides, what to do now I am JUST getting used to asking them to help me...(maybe it's just me, I'm 25). I feel more confident in my skills but as always there are those times where I just need encouragement or a verification that "Yes this is what youre suppose to do". I am getting comfortable with the idea of talking to doctors (they really intimidated me earlier in my career). I am slowly learning to speak up to those old nurses who think they can push me around. I am normally a shy person, but lately I've been pretty vocal to my peers about what wasn't right...Im still asking questions (which I have NO problem with). Originally I wanted to go right into the ER but I was told by my co workers (while I was a nurse tech) that it would be wise to get some experience on the floor, BOY WERE THEY RIGHT! I don't know how I could have learned all the skills that I learned on the floor in the ER! I am learning to separate work from home...and that has been a constant struggle.
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  6. by   momangel29
    Well I have been working at a hospital as a new nurse for nine months now and it has not been easy but i perservered.I try very hard and I am so amazed by how much I have grown I actually think i belong there now.Everyday at clinical I used to go to the hospital's chapel and pray I would make it through the day.Now I get up early just to make sure I have extra quiet time to get a hold on things.
  7. by   zambezi
    My one year mark was this July. So far it has been great. I work in CCU and I just love it. I have a great staff to work with and even the docs are wonderful (for the most part anyway, under stress they have their moments). I feel like I have been really lucky. I definately feel more comfortable than I did when I started, have finally learned my routine. I still learn something new with every patient...
  8. by   orca1
    I am a new grad in the ED and have been there for just about 3 months. I have been doing pretty well.....except for the last 2 days. The full moon has brought many strange and bizarre cases my way. I am starting to doubt myself for thinking I was and am able to do my job. My charge nurse and assistant manager were there to encourage me tonight...and said what I am going through is normal....
    Tell me.........what are your secrets to surviving the first 6 months?
  9. by   meownsmile
    A phrase that i was always told in nursing clinicals,, is, never be afraid to admit what you dont know. I think that has helped me as much as anything. I never hesitate to ask, even if it is something i should know.

    I have passed my one year mark in the job,, August started my second year on my own, out of orientation. Believe it or not, today i actually was able to give a seasoned RN a quick tip on something. I felt really good about that,, and the fact that she felt comfortable even asking me. We have some pretty good teamwork, and i still love my med/surg/ortho floor.
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  10. by   CJStudent
    My job is going great and I LOVE it! I am working part time in a Pediatric office where the hours are great! I have found this experience to be very rewarding. It can be a very "laid back" atmosphere but this has been a relief since working as a Nurse Tech in the ED. I am so thankful everyday that I did not choose to go straight into the ED. Although I am not learning a lot of hard core "clinical" skills like some of you on the med/surg floors, I have found my experience to be rewarding and exactly what I had in mind to get me started! Good luck to all of you out there in your first year as an RN!
  11. by   PSA, RN

    Congrats on your first year. I just graduated myself and am now starting to look for a job. I am so nervous too. Don't get me wrong I am anxious to finally get to work and put to use the skills that I have learned but the interview and job hunting process makes me so nervous. I can't even get my resume completed. If I can get that done I think I will feel much better. I sure will be glad when I get some experience under my belt. Congrats again and wish you the best.

  12. by   Tinker
    I graduated in May. So far it has been a rough go. Everyone says it is going to get better. I really hope so because I don't think I could take much more of it like this!
  13. by   ceridwyn
    Hang in there Tinker, I am a new grad in Melbourne, Australia and most of the time I feel exactly like your saying.

    There a few days where I feel great about the whole thing. More lows than highs and I get told exactly the same thing - it gets better.

    What with 3 children and shift work ugh..... and low pay because we start as Junior Registered Nurses, I start to think is it worth it.

    We mostly do a "grad year" as they call it and do a few general wards and a couple of specialities. It is not considered favourable over here for a new grad to go into speciality without doing the "grad year' then we specialise. So I am doing a surgical placement, then day surg. criticial care then dialysis then end of year then pick where I want to go. Have no idea yet but day surg and renal sounds great just for the hours.
    So hand in there, all the best from over the pacific, C
  14. by   bewbew
    I am loving my grad year, but I am soooooo tired............. :zzzzz

    I sometimes find it hard when I work with people who have been doing the job for 20 years, who expect you to know what they do, just because you're an RN now.....very unrealistic, but it seems to happen now and again.

    I had some students today, and I always try to remember what it was like to be on clinicals, and try hard to help them. I hope when I hit the 20 year mark I haven't forgotten!