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I am a recent graduate in May and took the NCLEX in July. I had a job lined up, but of course they could not allow me to start in that position anymore. The hospital was helpful and gave me the... Read More

  1. by   Audreyfay
    Not passing the NCLEX the first time does not mean you are not a good nurse. Nor does it mean you did not know the stuff. No everyone is good at test taking. Don't give up. You will pass it. Kudos for having the courage to face everyone. But, I'm sure they will not feel anything except feeling bad that you didn't make it the first time. Good luck.
  2. by   SirJohnny

    - Don't sweat the small stuff.

    - So you screwed up on the NYCLEX. Hell, I hit a fire-hyrdant with a semi on my first day with North American Van Lines (1985). Can't believe what a mess that made. Caught it with the corner of the trailer when making a turn.

    - What I am saying. Put some perspective on the situation. Turn a negative into a positive.

    - You'll certainly find out who are your freinds (or who you want to be your freinds).

    - Hopefully, you'll do better on your exam re-take and you can put this little bump behind you.

    - BTW/ Did you know a new fire-hydrant costs US$10,000. Who knew?

    John Coxey
  3. by   peaceful2100
    I know the feeling. I too graduated in May, took boards for the first time in July but did not pass and so did 11 of my other classmates so far. I am amazed to find out how many nurses have told me they did not pass the first time around. It seems like quite a few have told me this. So I don't know if it is really true or if they are just saying that to help make me feel better.

    However, october is around the corner. At LEAST you have the option of working as a LPN where I am at in my state we can't do that. We are automatically dropped down to PCT status. Which can be good and/or bad depending where you are at.
  4. by   Berta

    I admire you for working as an LPN. That way you can keep up on skills.

    I don't think it was fair for everyone to have to announce what they were. That is humiliating (SP?)

    Also, you are show great ambition in going ahead and working as a lpn. Others are probably sitting home lamenting, where as, you are using it to your advantage.

    Good luck in October, Berta