Exit HESI exam quirks. Material on test but not in HESI review book. (No specifics) - page 3

Has anyone whos taken an exit HESI exam recently gotten questions on their exam which weren't in the HESI/Evolve study book in any form or fashion. I have found two unless i overlooked them somehow.... Read More

  1. by   fathertod
    go to your faculty people and ask them if you can take a battery of HESI tests under real and live testing conditions.

    Ask to take the following HESI tests within a couple day period:

    Critical Thinking
    Medical-Surgical 1 and 2
    Critical Care
    Maternity/Pediatrics Combination exam
    Mental Health Exam

    Most of the tests cost $21 to $28 each and typically only take an hour and a half to do.

    You can have the faculty people call your evolve sales rep and tell them that you want to take these tests as practice. If you do a battery of HESI practice tests it will hopefully be enough to pull you through.
  2. by   busy5kids
    well, Im back. No luck on my 3rd HESI ! Now I have to audit my lecture class which of the 3rd semester for the new upper class, and we have to have a passing score to qualify for our fourth HESI! Our nursing director gave those who didn't pass this test again and didn't have their LVN, to finish of a summer class that had started back in June, to go and try for our LVN license. I thought it was a pretty good oppurtunity considering it's only 2 weeks that we have to finish. Although it was pretty embarrassing to eat lunch today and have one of our fellow class mates who has her RN now, eating at the next table while we sit at an oppisit table still in student uniforms .

    I don't know what my future has in store for me , but what I do know is that I am so exhausted of school and so tired of being embarrassed by facing former students and teachers who talk behind your back. It takes a lot of courage to keep on going, but it's not easy. what to do?
  3. by   ee5620
    Dear busy5kids,

    I know this is probably the hardest test you will ever encounter...but remember to be humble. I know it must have been difficult to see your classmate with that badge you want so much, but if you were truly friends that won't matter. Dont focuse on the negative and look forwards of what you have given the opportunity to do. I know it must be hard but you will perservere! Take advantage of your choices and kick out bad feelings, otherwise you will never move on. Positive thoughts, althought hard at this point, attrack positive things.

    Keep working hard, your time will come.

  4. by   unreallly
    This thread is scary. A whooping 950 YIKES! Somebody also wrote they only needed 825. Our school needed 870 and I thought that was high already. 50% of our class scored between 870 and 949. Right off the bat, half of my class failed already =O
  5. by   ziffle77
    I'm confused as to why each school has different passing scores. You mean if Sally took the HESI at ABC college who requires 850, got an 825.... she should fail even though Mary passed with an 825 because XYZ College only requires 800? If it is a standardized test, why isn't there a standardized passing score?
  6. by   SusanneCollins13
    This test is not a requirement from the State, rather it is a test that is implimented by the school and depending on the school and how high the bar they want to set the test they decide, because it is in the end their pass-rate and prediction in how many may pass or not pass the Nclex. In my opinion the Hesi should be taken out all together,because after testing for the Nclex, I can not even see why we do not use Kaplan, which is so close to Nclex, unlike the Hesi, which does not even come close to the Nclex.
  7. by   dsmith911
    Do you have any Q&A from the hesi exam v2? Thank You
  8. by   dandalora1
    Is this hesi scam utilized nationwide now?

  9. by   pmr0409
    OMG reading all of this scares me, yes as far as i know its pretty much a standard across the board to take this stupid HESI! At my school we have to get a 900, shockingly no one seems too worried, but im freaking out!
  10. by   nylpn2b
    has anyone taken the hesi recently? what version ? i took version 1.
  11. by   pmr0409
    I recently took it, i think it was version 2, i think.....it wasnt too bad it got @ a 1250!!!! YAY. i needed a 900 i do not know how i did so well!! I studied alot, i thought a 900=90% so i was freaking, but a 900 is really like a 70%. HESI is the dumbest thing out there, such a waste of our time!
  12. by   deasiac
    What did you use to study? That sounds like an amazing score! Congrats!
  13. by   pmr0409
    deasiac, thanks so much, it was a stupid test i just dont understand the point of it! I studied the Evolve Hesi Book heres the book

    Evolve Reach comprehensive review for the NCLEX-RN® examination [Book]

    you can get it at BN, it really really really good its written by HESI, which are the people who write the test, i mean i went afterwards and the questions really came right out of it, i also studied NCLEX 4000 questions daily just depended, and i did the Hurst review online its also really good! Good Luck